Fraud Protection / Unblock transactions / unblock card in app


  1. When the Curve card gets aautomatically blocked by the fraud engine, allow the user to unblock the card in app by fingerprint / pin / faceID

  2. For “risky” transactions / transactions from “risky merchants” payed by card, that normally get declined by the fraud engine, notify user in app and allow him to approve the transaction / whitelist merchant for future transactions (by fingerprint, faceID, in app pin)
    1st transaction will be declined then due to timeout, but Curve user can use the card again to make the purchase and 2nd transaction will get approved.


  • much smoother experience for user
  • less workload for Curve staff to unlock cards again / approving transactions manually
  • higher acceptance rate for Curve cards

I see what you mean, basicially if there is a risky transaction instead of the fraud system denying the transaction, asking the user if that transaction is legit via app or not.
Its a good idea, but I can see a problem there.
When a transaction gets send from the merchant via MC via the payment processor to Curve, and back from Curve to the payment processor, this needs to be done within milliseconds. If it takes too long, the transaction gets declined because of a timeout (correct me if I’m wrong)

And no user can approve such a transaction that quickly.
A not so nice workaround would be, if a risky transaction happens, ask the customer, decline the transaction but customer is able to whitelist the merchant / transaction and just has to try the card again. Fidor Germany is doing something similar (or used to do), for every online transcation they’d email you saying there was a charge and ask you to approve it, 1st transaction is being denied but the merchant is whitelisted then and the card works then. But thats a very bad way since they would littereally block any online merchant and you’d always have to approve each merchant.

This is only good for transaction with the physical card, for any online transaction this will be obsolete once Curve is supporting 3d secure.
Apple pay / google pay should also not block transactions based on the fraud system (or be more flexible) because the user is already authenticating the transaction with face id / fingerprint.

I do agree with you that you wouldn’t be able to unlock the card before the transaction timed out.

However allowing the user to unblock and try again would be very useful

This literally happened to me the day before yesterday. My card was flagged and blocked it took me hours for the card to be unblocked by curve and I was left in the middle of nowhere with no card. Luckily I had some cash on me which I normally don’t have.

The whole thing could have been avoided if I had been able to just say yes it was me and unblock the card then and there.

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Totally agree!
Do you mind if I edit your 1st post to include more info / make it more clear what people can vote for here?

Ya go for it. My original idea which was closed was fraud protection and was reopened when I complained :rofl:

done, fell free to edit it again :slight_smile:

Love this idea, and my underlaying cards already offer such services anyway. While there is no rhyme-or-reason to when transactions will be approved or declined before I receive an SMS or e-mail verification request, I think this aspect shouldn’t be hard for Curve to implement, and have a risk tolerance which would align with whatever arrangement they have with MasterCard’s zero liability fraud policy.

Not sure if this is the right place for it so please advise if there is a more appropriate thread.

However, the point that unblocking a card instantly via the app is an absolute must cannot be stressed enough!

A card can’t claim to have a card wallet functionality and then create a situation where the customer is left at a merchant unable to pay and it requiring long periods before you can get someone to unblock your card.

I already know 2 people that I invited to curve who have been caught out by this and have decided to leave curve for a card like revolut where you have the ability to unblock your card.

Now days that people tap for most payments, forgetting your pin is quite easy and if you mistake the pin from another card…your card gets blocked and the only thing you can do is try get through to curve help. In my friends case he is still waiting for a response almost a week later. End result is he no longer carries the curve card with him.

I see this being a major issue to the survival of curve versus competing mobile wallets and cards.