Fraud support is very slow

The wait time to get fraud support is too long. In our household we’ve had two issues and having to wait hours, or until the next day, for anyone to get in touch isn’t really good enough.

The fact that the only point of contact is via an online form doesn’t help this - but wouldn’t be as much of an issue if we got a quick response. It really needs to be looked at.

There’s also a phone number on your Curve card you can call, if I’m not mistaken… :thinking:

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There’s a “lost and stolen” number, not a fraud number. This number is specifically given on the online pages for if your card has been lost and stolen, but is not given on the pages for fraudulent transactions. So, you’re not mistaken in so far as there is a phone number for a different purpose on the card, but it would appear to not be of much help for fraudulent transactions.

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