Fraud, why do some community members think Curve's customer service in fraud cases should be better with metal?

Disclaimer, I’m a non-paying customer.
Having just read a thread about Curve’s response time to fraudulent transactions I was dismayed to see some people intimating that there was less “excuse” for a delayed response from Curve if the customer was Metal.
Curve’s response to fraud should be the same whether you pay for a metal subscription or you don’t.
Fraud is fraud whether or not you pay for the card. To suggest there are any circumstances where paying customers should be subjected to a longer delay in fraud cases is just wrong. I hope that isn’t part of Curve’s policies and never will be.

The timeliness of the response is another matter entirely and was the subject of the other thread

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Because it’s in the advantages of metal plan “priority support” but I agree Fraud should be urgent whatever plan customer is.

And I hope fraud is treated better than basic customer support (in reality nothing change with metal in term of customer support)

I agree - I have highlighted this issue with curve as I believe the selling of ‘priority support’ to distressed customers unable to get help while their standard response times are so poor is a questionable practice. (Essentially they have found a way to profit from their poor customer service!)

If curve are then failing to offer priority support but selling it to customers (particularly those in distress) then this is an even greater issue. But does not detract from the fact they should be offering a much better service to those facing fraud in the first place)

(I personally paid for an upgrade primarily in an attempt to get priority support!)


It should all be within 24 hours, 48 hours max.

Metal customers should receive general priority customer care as per the arrangement with Metal plan.

It’s clearly not the case though.

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Might be a good sign though they are hiring a person for this kind of issues Careers | Curve

You are right!
ANY type of support issue should be addressed within 24-48 hours giving priority to paid customers. However, fraudulent transactions should be addressed always as a high priority, regardless of being a “free” or “paid” customer.

I am speaking from experience, as even though I am a Curve Metal customer, the support I have received so far is in the range of 5+ days, far from the “normal” 24-48 hours response time and despite the fact that “Metal” customers receive “Priority Support: Get help, fast, anytime, anywhere”.
Not providing priority support is a breach of contractual agreement and “paid” customers can actually file a complaint and seek for compensation for damages, etc.

I am also speaking from experience as an IT professional who is dealing with support issues and response times on a daily basis. When my company pays for “priority” support, the vendors respond in a matter of a few hours. It doesn’t mean that the issue is resolved immediately, but at least it is acknowledged and somebody is actively working on it. Response and resolution times depend on specific SLAs (Service Level Agreements) and if they are NOT honored, there are hefty penalties to be paid by the vendor(s).

Last but not least, I am speaking from experience as I used to live in the US for several years and I’ve dealt with banks and credit card companies on a daily basis. Over there, businesses take customer support very seriously and treat their customers in the utmost respect in most of the cases. All of the serious credit card companies provide a phone number which customers can call and talk to a real person in a matter of few to several minutes (depending on the time of the day) or even address their questions or issues in an automated way. This is regardless of being a paid or non-paid customer, as besides “American Express”, I’ve never paid for a membership for any of the major credit cards, e.g. Chase, Citi, Capital One, Discover, etc.

Curve started operations in the US some time ago, but they are doomed to fail and crashed by the competition if they will have the same approach towards customer service as they have here in Europe.

What I am experiencing here in Europe, where in many cases companies ask their customers to raise issues through Facebook, twitter and other social media, is really sad…