Fraudulent activity

Woke up this morning to find that Curve allowed 5 payments to which I’ve never shopped at before, between 2:56-3:27 in the morning, plus one notification asking if it was me or not, presumably for the 6th attempt. When I clicked the notification around 8am, it said the notification had expired.

I immediately blocked my Curve card. Couldnt find a way to report transaction (just showed me FAQs). Couldn’t find a phone number on my red investor card, nor in the app. So emailed them and thankfully got a reply just now (Sunday afternoon) that they’re looking into it but currently £500 out of pocket and pushed me near credit limit on my daily spend card.

  1. Is there a 24/7 emergency phone line and why is it not publicised more prominently if there is, or will email have the same support speed?

  2. Why did it take 6 transactions before the Curve app asked if it was me?

No more than 3 would have been better. And even so at the same retailer every few minutes just seems suspicious to me. Makes you wonder if Curve’s fraud detection is good enough or not.

Would be nice if they had something like AMEX do which have a safe retailer list (which won’t normally need approval) and all others require 2 factor authorisation by SMS or app.

  1. What would happen if I contact my credit card provider about this? The website only says to contact Curve, but didn’t say not to do anything else. Presumably reporting curve to my card company is the wrong thing to do but I’m sure there are people who would take their card company more seriously than Curve.

  2. If curve issue a new card number, what happens to refunds which I’m expecting to get on my old card?

Refund are made in curve account
Not your card number
So no problem

You can ask your bank what happens when your card expires and you get a refund?

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Yes, it’s on the back of the “normal” cards, but (strangely) not on the investor cards.

The number is also on the support pages.

UK customers: +44 203 322 2585

EEA customers: +370 (5) 2140878

Thanks. I see the number now. I only found this page which doesn’t give any contact details apart from a contact form:

Presumably they will block the card but still queue the issue with the fraud team. So if you can lock the card in the app and email that would probably have the same effect.

(Past experience with Lloyds bank fraud team, they try and solve it on the phone call and ask questions when it’s all fresh in your mind.)

Hey @robato sorry to hear you’ve had fraud on your card. The form that you posted above is the best way to report anything like this. That form goes straight to the relevant team so they can get back to you as quickly as possible.

In regards to raising the issue with your bank, we ask you not to do this as they will see Curve as the merchant, rather than the actual merchant - Boohoo in this case. Also, as the transaction went through Curve, your Curve card number was used. Your credit / debit card provider wouldn’t be able to stop this happening again (by blocking) or issue a new card to you.