Fraudulent transaction

Hi everyone.
I just wanted to check whether whats happening with me is routine.I had an unrecognised charge on my curve metal and have reported it after blocking my card through the app.
I reported it and was advised to speak to the merchant (Uber in my case) I hadn’t done a transaction with this merchant for months and had mentioned it to support.I couldnt see anything in my apps in terms of transactions (uber) but have still been advised to contact the merchant rather than reversing the charge and letting the merchant approach…I feel let down slightly.have reluctantly wrote the merchant but feel this isn’t right that I am having to chase the transaction.What is people’s experience.My other worry is not being able to use card for weeks and weeks.I am on metal so would still be paying while not using :frowning: which also feels unfair.More stress as Curve is my default payment method for so many things.:sob::sob::sob:Wife setup for same and now having to change cards and will have to change back when finally this is resolved.
My expectation was that charge would be reversed and a new card would be issued like most issuers.
Any experience would be appreciated.
Kind Regards

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Hello, for account transactions like this, please contact the support team, via, or calling them on 02033222585

It is common and almost every issuing bank says please contact the merchant first because a chargeback is connected to fees for the merchant and in 99% of all cases the merchant can solve this issue with the customer directly.

Had emailed them and they wanted me to contact the merchant.It wasnt a transaction I had made was the point… :frowning:

Thank you.I thought that’ll be the case if it were a transaction I had actually made.I dont have any charges on my uber app…since the post have even received the response from uber to say that they dont recognise it either.
so the ball is back in the lovely support team’s court :frowning: