Fraudulent Transactions Curve not responding

Personally I would contact your back and advise them of the fraud, as it’s against your underlying card. They will investigate the transactions and take them off your current bill whilst they do so.

Half of people say i should Curve let this sort out, the other half says i should contact my bank.
I give Curve one or two more days, then i will contact my bank.

I’ve usually found response times reasonable. 1-2 days. But I’ve never emailed them I always use the support form. I’m assuming that helps it get to the right place quicker. Have you tried that?

Yes i tried that already

Ah sorry, wish I had better advice for you :frowning:

Have you tried phoning them? Guidance I read says to call them if you suspect fraud. EEA number here

Yes, contact your bank. You’ve given Curve plenty of time. They say response times are currently high, but they’ve been saying that for months now. I don’t believe there’s such a thing as “metal support”; you get the same abysmal service as everyone else. That’s one reason I downgraded from metal to free. The benefits of metal don’t justify the fee in my opinion.


I also contacted this number, a bot tells you to go to the website to report the fraudulent transactions.

Oh that’s real bad. :sob::sob::sob:

Yep - this feels like a real red flag, even in the event of fraud there is no way to get hold of anyone


Money has been fully refunded
New virtual Curve Card in app
New physical Curve Card was sent out

Also they helped me with another issue i had


Thanks for the update @Milten, glad to hear this was sorted for you by the team and thanks for your patience!

Cheers to everyone providing support in the thread too :clap:

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