Fraudulent Transactions

My Amazon and eBay accounts were hacked both of which had my curve card as the payment method. I was notified of the transactions on my app at which point I froze my card straight away and then completed a fraud report in the app. Since then I have heard nothing from Curve despite submitting another report complaining about the level of very very poor customers service.

I find it most frustrating not being able to speak to a person . My Amex card was also used , I spoke to them the same day and everything has been sorted even sending me a new card.

Curve your customer service is a total sham and I will be looking to cancel my subscription when the present one expires

Hi there @paultelford, I’m sorry to hear you’ve been a victim of a scam. Can you please let me know when you reached out to our customer experience team through the app?
It’s possible there’s an error with your in-app chat so please also raise a ticket through the form below.

The transactions occurred on the 23rd and I made another report yesterday. I have now submitted the report on the link you posted.

While I can accept that there may have been an issue with the app, I find the fact of not being able to speak to a person very poor customer service. I was able to speak directly to Amazon, eBay, Amex, and my bank to report the matter, Amex has already got my new card to me!

Hey again Paul, I’ve checked in with our fraud team for you and they’ve let me know that they sent a response to your original email three days ago. Can you please check this email thread and your junk box to let us know if this was received?

Hi Joel

Have checked my emails and folders the only email i have had recently from curve is yours today other than everyday stuff from you

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Hi Joel

I have received an email from Eloreb asking me to reply to an email I haven’t received, i replied to his email explaining this but as yet have had no response, Can someone take responsibility for this situation and sort things out , Other then the email of the 24th i am receiving all curve emails

Hey @paultelford, I hope you had a good weekend despite this issue! The obvious solution seems to me to be for them to resend the missing email! I’ll ask them to do this so we can hopefully get this sorted for you once and for all.

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