Free Curve X?

Hey everyone,

Bit of a weird one - so I was a Curve user years ago and then closed my account at the time because I was using it less and less. In more recent times I found a use for it again so applied for another account.

Going for the free account, I was expecting a Curve Blue card but received what now is branded as Curve X. All of the marketing materials for Curve X also shows the free tier still as a blue card…which I don’t seem to have. I haven’t found anyone else online questioning this either. Have I somehow managed to get Curve X for free or did I just time it in a way to get a blue card deal with the new look before they switched things around?

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:point_up_2:t2: this.

Under “Manage my plan” on the account tab in your Curve app you should be able to see which tier/plan you are on.


Thank you! Feels silly asking these questions having been an ambassador back in 2019 but that’s what I get for not using the service for ages.

I’m guessing when I click on upgrade my plan the fact that it shows Curve X as an option to upgrade to means I don’t have it? The “Your Plan” section unfortunately doesn’t say explicitly that I’m on a free plan.


That would be my guess as well.


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