Free meal thanks to curve failing?

last night tried to pay with curve in restaurant via google pay, seemed to work (appeared in curve app and underlying card) but waiter was waiting ages for a connection with his machine, then he eventually left. Few minutes later I get an alert saying the transaction was refunded and now it shows as refunded in the curve app and vanished from the underlying card transactions, so effectively I got it for free and could have just walked out. However I’m honest person so I went over to the waiter and said it had been refunded and I will pay again, so I got the curve card out directly this time and tapped it on his machine, immediately it worked and gave me a receipt. So I’ve paid right? well not exactly, the 2nd transaction is not even showing in the curve app at all, and not even in the underlying card, it seems to have vanished but I have the paper receipt showing it so it ‘worked.’ , maybe this is just delayed? what is going on? Messaged support and trying to get more info on why the first payment was refunded, so hopefully they can help but has anyone seen anything like this before? thanks.

I get this all the time, if you refresh the curve app or switch to another card and switch back it will appear, transactions don’t always appear straight away on the underlying card (well for me they don’t)

thanks I tried refreshing and switching card and no payment is shown still. Something weird is happening, I also got the tube here in London that night and the next day it always charges me for the journey but this did not go through today either. I registered the card online and the journey is shown as complete and charged. Maybe I’ve hacked the system to get free purchases or more likely both of these transactions will come through at some point. Sainsbury’s worked immediately today so maybe just a timing thing. so weird.

Just wait a few working days. It will go through. Even your Tube journey will show up. Mine usually take 2 working days. Just leave money on underlying card they will sort themselves

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