Free trial of premium plan


I have just downloaded curve, and I see there is black plan for 10 eur per month,
there is a sort of free trial of the plan since I don’t find it in terms and conditions


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You didn’t find it in the terms and conditions, because there isn’t a free trial. There ‘only’ is a free plan that gives you 1% cashback on ‘all’ spends for 30 days.

thanks for the answer, but I don’t find any free plan in the various options
there is only black, red, rose gold and blue steel
how can I find it?

If you are already in the app and signed up, linked an underlying card, ordered a Curve card you have probably signed up on the free plan. Now you can decide to stay on the free plan or upgrade to a premium plan.

On the account tab in the Curve app, you can find the card details of your Curve card and also the subscription plan you are currently on.

If you are still in the sign up process, please post some screenshots of the step where you do see the premium subscription options, but don’t see the free plan.

so if I don’t ask for a physical card I will not get the 30 days free trial?

You don’t need to order a physical Curve card to get the thirty days cashback. Also when only ‘ordering’ a virtual Curve card you will get it.

ok thanks, i have connected my other card to curve app, so from now, when I will pay from the app of curve, it takes money from my other card and gives me cashback?
and how do I know when finish the free plan?

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