From a Payment Card to a Payment Solution (alternative methods for payments)

Hi all,
I am extremely satisfied with Curve, love the concept and made my life much easier. However, i think that in the near future (it is already happening) people will want to go much beyond having only a physical card. They will want to be able to go out without carrying a card and be able to pay with their watch, their bracelet, and even (why not) with their microchip introduced under the skin in the palm of their hand (thousands of Swedes are having microchips implanted into their bodies so that they don’t need to carry key cards, IDs, and even train tickets). This is the reason I think Curve should consider to rebrand itself in order to be much more than a “Payment Card” (which is amazing for the time being) and become a full fledge “Payment Solutions” aimed at making life easier for all types of users. The app would be the hub of a dynamic ecosystem of different payment solutions facilitating the lives of millions of people…
Just my interpretation on where trends and the industry is moving…

No i am one of them that never get a chip under my skin
I promise 100%

I am good with a smartphone i can get a new one if it get hacked, or need to change the chip

I still need my phone, a watch after all
Or you want to have that implanted too?


Hup, i didn’t say i wanted. I actully find it a distopian idea. But reality is that there are people that do want. A company to thrive in the market needs to take in consideration all customers, not just the ones paying with physical cards and digital cards. Curve might want to focus exclusively in that, and that’s alright, it is just my interpretation that in a few years that will be insuficient to drive growth and assure sustainability…

At first all new ideas sounds strange. There are people who are interested in implanting chips so there is a market out there. We cannot predict future, may be those who are reluctant now may change their minds.

I can say i am not going to support that
I dont that

But correct, fi curve can make a market
It will mean good things for curve as a company

There is a company doing that already. Curve doesn’t have to produce anything, they just have to integrate their technology in those devices…

So do I…
Reading this post it has remind me Black mirror…

Not at all.