Fronted partial fees refund on Go Back In Time?

On my Curve Metal in December, I was charged fronted fees. I’ve analysed my transactions and believe it’s because of this sequence of events:
Dec 10 - fronted transaction of £5k - no fees applied
Dec 15 - transaction to a company that accepts debit and credit cards (so shouldn’t have been classified as a Fronted transaction) of £880 - no fees applied
Dec 20 - front transaction of £5k - fees applied of £13.20 (allowing me to deduce the £880 transaction pushed me over the £10k limit)

I understand GBiT on a Fronted transaction with fees should refund the fees, but in the above scenario:

  1. If I GBit on the £880 transaction (which has no fees), as this will drop me below the £10k December limit, will it refund the £13.20 fees on the Dec 20 £5k transaction?
  2. If not, do I need to GBit on the Dec 20 £5k transaction to refund those fees?
  3. If yes to Q2, does this then free up £4,120 (£5,000 - £880) of my Front limit for December and how can I utilise this?
  4. How are fees actually refunded, ie do they come back as a different transaction, do they go back to the debit card, how long do they take etc?

As a side note, the website I spent the £880 on takes debit and credit cards so shouldn’t have been flagged as Fronted but I don’t have the patience to argue - I just want the fees refunded!

Thanks in advance everybody!

I had a similar issue where I used Curve to pay for rates in Northern Ireland where debit cards are accepted. Curve wrongly said that this was a Curve Fronted transaction. I provided details including a screen shot showing that debit cards were accepted but, for reasons which were complexly unclear to me apart from poor customer service, Curve refused to do anything about it. After much argument they gave me £10 as a gesture of goodwill although the £2.8k transaction had a far higher cost.

So, I think you’ll be lucky to get Curve to provide any refund even though they are at fault.

Curve Fronted does not apply in the only situations in which credit cards are not accepted.
Curve cannot know if a credit card cannot be accepted in advance.
So it is not right to say that the fee should not be there just because credit cards were also directly accepted.
Curve Fronted applies when the underlying credit card is requested to do some kind of payment which usually involves money transfers. Generally speaking these kind of payments are not allowed with a credit card directly, but it’s only a general rule: the discriminant is the type of transaction, whether it would work even without Curve or not.
Yes, Curve Fronted is presented as a way to use your credit card where you normally can’t. But it’s just the way it’s marketed, being it the main scenario. But, as said before, the fee applies based on the transaction type alone.

Thanks and that makes sense, but unfortunately that doesn’t help us as users of the product, as we don’t know the MCC that will be charged.

As it’s marketed as not being Fronted for vendors that also take credit cards, I took this at face value and there was no other way for me to determine the information until I have been charged the fee.

Even I GBiT, I don’t know how to have the fee refunded - is this automatic? I’ve tried emailing them but don’t hold up much hope for a reply :frowning:

I think that if you GBiT, the full amount including the fee will be refunded to the credit card (just the way it was charged afterall), and the new debit card will get the new charge without the fee.

Ok, that’s good to hear but not sure how it will work as the original £880 transaciton didn’t attract any fees, it was a later £5,000 transaction - this pushed it over the limit by £880 and attracted the fees.

So GBiT on the £880 will bring me back to the exact limit but the fees were actually applied on the £5k transaction - does that make sense? So not sure how to trigger the refund of these fees?

My experience is that this doesn’t automatically and, again in my experience, even when you tell Curve there’s a problem they won’t refund the fees, fees which Curve apply themselves.

Normal logic doesn’t work with Curve I’m afraid.

This is what I fear and thanks for sharing your experience too - I can only hope they come back to me and see the error in their systems, but not holding out much hope :frowning:

Yes, it’s absolutely crazy. To be honest I couldn’t believe that when I provided evidence that debit cards were accepted Curve still refused to make a refund!

I’ll tell you how I think it works, but I did not develop the system so these are my assumptions:

If you do some tests let us know what you manged to figure out.