Frustrating registration process

Today I tried to get my wife on board with Curve… oh boy, little did I know what was coming.

It all started with the referral link sent to her via email. Opening the link takes you to a landing page asking you to put your phone number. We tried like three or four times without success. The Chrome console was showing some kind of error.

Ok, let’s do it from the phone, maybe there… here we are again, landing page + call to action button. Clicking the button takes you to the Google Play Store. I’m pretty sure at this point my referral is already lost. Nonetheless we go ahead.

Download the app, select registration with email, fill up the forms. Oh, wait, we can’t not go passed beyond this form page, the ‘next’ button is disabled… but why? we filled everything up… everything but a field called “building name / number”. I mean, my building doesn’t have a name… and the number is included in the Address.

Mmmm… maybe in UK the buildings have names, not in all countries, but ok. Let’s put the only thing our building has. The number. Good! it looks like we can keep on to the next step.

Photos of my ID card, selfie… it looks like we are doing better. Now let’s add our first card. Cool! take a picture of my Credit Card, fill up expiration date, etc… but wait… what is this address now that we are seeing? They are putting the number BEFORE the street? What? no, this is not my address… will the card ever make it to our home? Who knows… anyway, let’s continue.

Finish the process…wait a couple of minutes and we get a push notification. “Your documents have been approved” (something like that). Click on it, the app opens and… We are still reviewing your documents. Seriously?

Then hit the back button. The App turns blank. We kill the app, we open it again… and… surprise:
“Add your First Card”… oh man! give me a break please!!

So right now we don’t know what to do. We haven’t received any email from Curve about the submitted documents or about the submitted card. About the process it self.

Can someone please help a bit?

Thank you

I’m afraid there’s nothing we can do about your account on the forum as we’re Curve users just like you! It’s best to get in touch with the support team through email ( or Twitter DM so they can take a look.

In UK only some buildings have names but house number and then street name is the normal order (flat numbering is all a bit variable!) - it should really adapt by country, for example I remember in Germany the number comes after.

Hey Ediflyer thanks for your reply. I’ll do as you say.
I’m sorry for the hot post yesterday… I was… very frustrated.


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To be honest, I’ve recommended Curve to my brother few days ago and we had very similar experience, unfortunately… :worried: Good is, he managed to set all things up at the end after several retries… :hot_face:

But you’re on the right path :cowboy_hat_face: - if I understand it correctly, the last step you have to do is to add your first bank card to Curve :credit_card:, then you’ll finally be able to access the app. :partying_face:

Hey @weilah, welcome to the Community! :blush:

Thanks for your detailed feedback, we really appreciate your honesty! I’m going to be passing this on to our Product team.

At the moment you can’t sign up or log in o your account through desktop, you can only do it on a phone or tablet.

Regarding your address being in the wrong format, this shouldn’t have happened but our support team will be able to check this for you and can correct it if needed. They’ll also be able to check if you card has been added or if you need to re-add it.

Thanks again for your feedback, this will help us to improve the onboarding experience.

Thank you all for letting us now that we are kinda not alone. :sweat_smile:

Thanks @Hannah for passing over my feedback. I’ve been using Curve for a while and overall I’m happy with it. It was only this registration experience.

Anyway since you are here let me ask you a couple of questions.

“our support team will be able to check this for you and can correct it if needed” - That means that I can sit and wait? The problem was as follows:

My real address is like: My street 1 / 7, City, Code, Country. We were forced to introduce a building name / number at the beginning, so we added 1. The final address the became: 1, My street 1 / 7, City, Code, Country. The first number one should not be there.

My wife got the following notification:

How is she supposed to spend anything if she has not received the card yet?

Thank you for your support

@weilah No problem, this is exactly what the Community is for so always feel free to provide your feedback!

Our support team will be able to check if you get in touch with them. You should be able to create a ticket through your app by going to the ‘account’ section and clicking ‘report a problem’. You can also email directly at or send a message to @AskCurve on Twitter.

They’ll be able to double check the address on the account and correct it if needed - so in this case they can re-format it and remove the extra number that shouldn’t be there.

In regards to the notification your wife got, she should already have a virtual card. She should be able to view her details on the ‘account’ section of her app and make a purchase either online or by adding the virtual card to Google Pay, Apple Pay or Samsung Pay.