FX / ATM limits

Is the £200 ATM withdrawal limit inclusive or exclusive of any foreign withdrawals? For instance, two weeks ago I withdrew £110 in the UK, can I only withdraw fee-free the equivalent of £90 abroad, or are the £200 caps totally separate?

Similarly, is the £1,000 foreign exchange limit inclusive or exclusive of the £200 foreign ATM limit? For instance if I withdraw £90 abroad can I spend £910 in shops or can I spend the full £1,000?

Thanks in advance

(Also, do I get any warning of exceeding these limits or will it just charge me straight away?)

Hello @joepatr,

your limits are global and reset daily after midnight.
Except exchange limits they reset at the end of the month/beginning of the next month.

You can see how much of your limit is left by opening the Curve App then clicking on the account tab → Card limits.

Actually it is very unclear when the foreign exchange limits do reset. On the subscription fee page it is said to be a rolling 30day period. In the Fair usage policy it is said to be per calender month.

Technically a 30day rolling period would be a window that moves every day. But I do think they mean calender month. I.e it resets every month the 1st.

I have asked curve for a clarification on this.