FX fees - mark up

Is Curve charging this markup? I always thought that Curve uses the Mastercard rates & adds 0.05% fee during weekends. Has something changed?

Dzień dobry, @tommy_ash. Curve uses the official Mastercard exchange rate, without more fees. Nothing changed around that. You can compare it here: https://www.mastercard.us/en-us/personal/get-support/convert-currency.html

But the exchange rate used by Mastercard is slightly higher than the official rate used by the European Central Bank, which is what this information refers to.

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ahh ok that makes sense .Thanks for clarification

weekend fee was never 0,05, but 0,5 percent previously. now you have to pay mastercard rate + 1,5 percent on weekends (for PLN) officially. if you’re lucky fee will be “only” 0,5 percent

If the currency of the selected payment card and the transaction are both in GBP, USD or EUR, the rate will be increased by 0.5%. In any other case, that is if either the currency of your transaction or the currency of the selected Payment Card is any of our other supported currencies, the rate will be increased by up to 1.5%.


forgotten about this. I will have to reconsider my weekends spending habits

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