FX limit + weekend fee

0% fee on spend in over 150+ foreign currencies, up to £500 per rolling month, with a 2% foreign exchange fee after that.

Spending abroad during the weekend?
If you make a withdrawal or purchase over the weekend and Curve performs a currency conversion, we’ll use the rate from Friday and apply a surcharge as the Forex markets are closed. The weekend counts as Friday 23:59 GMT - Sunday 23:59 GMT.
For transactions where both the transaction and the underlying payment cards are in GBP, USD or EUR, the foreign exchange fee will be 0.5%. For all other currencies, the foreign exchange fee will be 1.5%.

So it can end up to 3.5% for using curve in the weekend
Thats seeing to be little overpriced

Any suggestion?
To curve
To make it better

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Only solution I see - not use card in weekends if there is exchange involved if you have better terms elsewhere.

Sorry i mean

Any suggestin to curve?
To make it better?

@hup I’ve edited your post to try and make it clearer what’s quoted and what was your comment…

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No problem

Several options…

Use a non-curve card directly for foreign transactions. Plenty of free cards available with lower/no fx fees.

If you really must use Curve, use an underlying card with lower/no fx fees - after changing its currency to the foreign currency you are using. That way Curve charge it straight through and you get the better rate from the underlying card.

As has been mentioned before, with 2 underlying cards some GBIT magic after the weekend can also help you out here.

And ideally - once you’ve made your transaction, if they performed the FX - express your shock and concern to Curve (formally) that you can’t see the rate applied compared to the ECB rate and remind them this is a legal requirement.

As you can see it’s easy to avoid their fees - which makes their illegal hiding of them even more egregious.


Yes, take an additional travel friendly card with you on holiday, such as Halifax Clarity or Santander Zero. Use Curve on weekdays and use the other card during the weekends.

A solution could be an option to disable the FX when the limit is reach

And allow to use go back in time to any card regardless of currency
Then the transaction can be moved after the weekend to a card with better FX rate

Please give some examples to avoid currency conversion after weekend with GBIT.

Now you have to change the card to the currency your are paying in
And after the weekend you can use go back in time, to remove the original payment and get a new payment with 0 weekend fee
With Like revolut you get 1 card, 1 virtual card

Its anoying to change the local currency, like when shopping online, or traveling

It would also help to disable the Currency exchange on Curve to avoid the extra 2%
And only pay the fee or exchange on the underlaying card

There’s a (almost 2 year old) feature request for this - I suggest you upvote it and maybe add your voice Support for Multi-Currency Cards

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Can you move transaction if 2 cards are in 2 different currencies?

No, but if you have other cards without fees during the week (like Revolut) you can just change the “default currency” of that card, use GBIT and then fix it again.

But I agree with alexschernyshev: this is just a workaround, the best option would be to have support for multicurrency cards.

EDIT: I’d like to clarify my imprecise answer.

You can move the transaction on a card set in Curve with the same currency you were billed in the first time OR to a card which natively uses the same currency of the original transaction.

Example: original transaction in CHF, charged on a card set to EUR in Curve.

You can move this transaction to an EUR or to a CHF card.

Multi currency cards best for users, but would mean Curve taking less in FX fees… so not going to be a high priority.

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