Gadget Cover...Included or Not?!

A discrepancy exists with Curve as to whether Gadget cover/insurance is provided for new metal customers who signed up after 24.02.2020. If you read the Insurance Product Information Document (IPID) it clearly states that both mobile phones and gadgets are included in the cover. Go into the terms and conditions of the insurance though and you will find 'SECTION L - GADGET COVER’ has been stripped out of the new terms and conditions and replaced with ‘SECTION L - MOBILE PHONE COVER’ with all reference to gadgets removed. This is also reflected on curves website which now only states mobile phone insurance.

I contacted curve a few weeks ago about this and today I finally received this response: "I’ve looked into this for you and I can confirm that we used to provide Gadget insurance for Black subscription before February 2020. However. we are not doing it anymore. If you upgrade to Curve Black now the gadget insurance won’t be included in this plan. If you would like to be covered for this as well, we would advise you to go for our premium Metal subscription.

I understand that you have been confused by the different information you’ve received and I apologise for this. Please note that we have taken steps to make sure that we are making this information as clear as possible for our customers from now on. Thank you for bringing this into our attention and for helping us improve."

Although the reply certainly makes it sound like gadgets are in fact still covered it’s not reflected in the T&C’s. What’s actually correct? Either the Insurance Product Information Document or the Terms and Conditions have a pretty significant error. Also the IPID states that the mobile phone and gadget cover are available for black customers which also contradicts both the T&C’s and Curves website.

This is what I see today via the app. Make of that what you will…False advertising springs to my mind immediately.


Not any more its was stopped

This is what I normally use to check the differences in insurance coverage:

Gadget cover used to be included in Black, but is now only available on Metal (since 24th Feb 2020)

Ah it looks like an iOS vs Andriod difference. If I was to buy it on Android I would expect it to have everything it says it does.

If it doesn’t then you could complain especially if Curve doesn’t offer redress as it’s classed as mis-selling and in the financial sector that’s taken quite seriously.

Whilst the Insurance Product Information Document and Curve Customer support say that gadget cover is available for metal customers it isn’t actually. Gadgets were completely removed from the new T&C’s and it now states that only mobile phones are covered.

Those extracts were taken from the documents curve sent to me when I signed up to metal yesterday and are the exact same as what is available here: They completely contradict each other. Either way the end user/consumer is being potentially mis-sold this insurance if Gadgets really have been removed from the cover.

It was changed Read T&s

I agree it’s been removed…however curve staff are still advising that it is included and the insurance conditions summary document (IPID) which is designed to be read in conjunction with the T&C’s also states it is. If it’s removed then it opens curve up to claims for mis-selling insurance. UK banks had a significant number of claims for exactly this sort of issue:

So sign up, make sure to take loads of screenshots and if you end up having to claim on your insurance policy fight for it. However, I have a strong feeling it won’t be worth the time spent on fighting it - even if you end up being right at the end.

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For curve it could be more problematic. Anyone who purchased a metal plan after Feb 2020 could be entitled to cancel their plan along with a full refund of their fees paid. I raised a support ticket for this back on the 16th June suggesting they fix their documents one way or another and asking for clarification. Their final response on the 9th July was that they were going to make it clear that Gadget insurance IS included with the metal plans.

Either way curve really need to update their documents, it would also be helpful if someone from curve staff could provide some additional clarity on this. @Curve_Marie

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think you find gadget cover isnt option👌

Please read.

£800 works fine for me - Pixel 3a (and soon to be Pixel 4a when it is released) - £399. You don’t need to pay £1000+ to get a good phone nowdays.


You’ve asked a fair question for those with more expensive devices. If you’re phone costs more than the coverage limits you are effectively under-insured. The final pay out/coverage is adjusted accordingly. E.g. in your example your Iphone costs £1200. This means with an £800 cover limit you have only covered 66% of your device costs. Therefore…the maximum payout is 66% of £800 e.g. £533. Minus your £50 excess and the actual maximum payout is £483. In insurance this rule is called Condition of Average.

Edit: I had a read through the T&C’s and can’t find any clause covering condition of average/under insurance. It may be the case that AxA would cover the device with a top limit/cap on the payout of £800. In any case remember there will always be a deduction for wear and tear. I’m sure I read on here before for a 1 year old device they took 20% off the value.

Also thanks for sharing your response from curve regarding the gadget insurance. I emailed weeks ago and got a completely different reply. I’ve emailed both curve and AxA again concerning the coverage. Once I get a definitely answer I’ll post it here.

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Interesting question as to whether that would apply though in this situation where you have no choice in the cover provided nor any option to increase it, thus any under-insurance is not by choice. As such I thought they would merely cap the payout at £800, not pro-rata reduce it?

Absolutely agree. I’ve edited the post because I’ve had a read through the T&C’s again and there is no under value clause (they’re standard in things like home insurance contracts where you’re actively declaring the value of your property/contents). On that basis I think AxA would probably pay out up to the £800 limit. Apologies for any confusion.

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No You pay more £1000 for a good phone :grinning:iPhone 11 Pro Max

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Because he is right that thats what i was told on my message from curve before about Gadget Insurance :slight_smile:

I went from an iPhone XS (Apple iPhones for 10 years) to a Google Pixel 3a (£400) and prefer the 3a. More configurable, lighter, much better camera than Apple, no restrictions on how I want to use the phone or the apps, unlimited ways to configure screen layouts, etc, etc… unlike Apple lock-down…