Gadget Cover...Included or Not?!

Apple isnt in lockdown shops are open now🤣 people still go in and buy new phone ipads and macs

Lock-down as in how they lock-down what you can and can’t do. I have way better options to configure app settings, the whole use of the phone, app icon layouts, changes, sizes etc.

I was a die-hard apple fan for 10+ years with iPhones and do not regret changing to something much, much cheaper - and in my option, better.

I have an iPhone 11 for a work phone, and find it heavy and cumbersome when using it compared to my Pixel.

Fair does

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And of course… if I lose it, the AXA mobile insurance will cover it! :slight_smile:

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yeah but £800 better
paying £350 then £1200

Hey guys, I can confirm that gadget insurance is no longer provided on the Curve Black tier and that mobile phone insurance is now offered on Curve Metal, instead of gadget insurance. I understand it’s quite confusing when you can see contradicting documents. I’ve checked this and our team are working with AXA to update the IPID and I’m also going to flag this with our internal team too.


But I still have it on my old black account? Yes @Hannah

Thank you very much for the clear update.

If you click on the cards section and select black it states on there that AXA cover the black for all gadgets but according to my policy this is not the case.

Can you tell me when this change in coverage was communicated to those who would be materially affected by it?

I’ve looked and can’t find a single email from Curve about it.

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So are current black holders still covered for gadget? If not, I’ll be expecting a free upgrade to metal for a few months to cover the breach of contract…

I can’t find the policy documents in my app any more.

Have been a continuous subscriber to Curve Black since August 2019.

People may have cancelled other insurances unknowingly thinking they are still covered by Curve.

I certainly have not received anything in writing.

From what I understand the removal of gadget cover and it’s replacement with mobile phone cover took effect only to Curve cards taken up on or after 24th February 2020. The question is whether monthly subscribers or annual metal renewals which occur after that date still provide the gadget cover.

If in doubt you can view the T&C’s applicable to your card within the curve app by selecting 1. Account 2. Insurance Details 3. Scroll to bottom of screen and click ‘terms and conditions’. 4. View section L. It will either be called mobile phone cover or gadget cover.

Do not rely on the Insurance Product Information Document. As discussed previously it’s wrong and curve are liaising with AxA concerning this. It would be helpful if curve staff could provide some extra input to address these concerns @Hannah

For anyone affected/interested yesterday curve sent me an updated/corrected IPID (attached). It appears they have still not updated the documents section of the main curve website with this new doc.

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I have Curve Metal investor subscription. I was distinctly under the impression that it included Gadget insurance. I have spoken to AXA this morning who tell me it’s in fact only Travel insurance. Thus, to make a claim for a damaged gadget (other than a mobile phone) I need to be on a ‘trip’.

A mobile phone is different.

This is not what I understood the gadget insurance to be. Can you, please, confirm the position. I cannot easily find details of the policy info online


Edit: I have just found the following which does suggest gadget and travel insurance are distinct products

Customers, from the countries listed above, who signed up or upgraded to Curve Black on 24 February and onwards will now get enhanced travel insurance. If you signed up before that and live in France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Portugal, Spain, and the UK, you will have standard travel insurance, in addition to mobile and gadget insurance.{emphasis added]

Edit: I have been through the policy wordings

Pre Feb 2020 - Includes gadget and travel. No requirement to be on a ‘trip’ to make a claim for a gadget.

Post Feb 2020 - Includes travel and mobile phone only. Not gadget. I do not know when Curve officially implemented by Curve Metal investor plan but what I do know is that my investment was made on 23.10.2019. If I am therefore disadvantaged as a consequence of Curves delay in providing the the ‘benefits’ promised of making an investment, that seems to me to be something which Curve ought to bear the cost of.

Please can yo confirm ASAP


I’d like a response to this too.

Me too. It certainly looks from the way this is presented that it’s distinct mobile phone cover.