Gadget Insurance - fine print

I’ve just upgraded to the premium plan - mostly because of the travel/gadget insurance (a net gain vs the separate policies) but i see that the advertised ‘accidental, liquid and physical damage’ excludes mobile phones in the fine print of the documentation .
Can anyone from Curve clarify this? it’s a little sneaky having a picture of a phone and the messaging under including ‘accidental, liquid, screen and physical damage’ but then to bury in the fine print that phones are not actually covered by htis.


Mobile phone “damage” is covered for Metal cards. I think that’s fair enough. Pretty much every product has varying benefits/features depending on which level you buy in at. The advertising will naturally show the top models. The website has the appropriate asterisk and link to T&C’s if you need to look up the detail.

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It doesn’t explain Gadget insurance at the moment.
Is it only mobile phone or would you be able to add your iPad or laptop?

Depending on this I may consider the Metal Card.

The gadget insurance has a limit of £800 (according to the travel insurance doc) … which is hardly useful, since a good phone could cost way over £800-1300 these days. Therefore, I don’t think I’ll be subscribing, since I have a far superior policy with HSBC and Aviva.

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Please confirm what constitutes a “gadget” regarding AXA Gadget Insurance. I don’t see it in the policy.

For example, is a laptop a gadget? Is a PC a gadget? Is a general watch a gadget or an Apple Watch?

AXA will be able to answer what they define as a gadget. It’s a good question. Could you give us an update when they let you know their definition?

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I don’t have it to hand now but from the version @Dann posted before it defined gadget in the usual preamble at the start of the document.

OK got it now, was in DEFINITIONS as I had mentioned:

GADGET(S): laptops, chromebooks, mobile phones, e-readers, tablets and any accessories for these items.

I hope this isn’t the sort of answer that curve customer service would give if customers ask? I understand that the insurance is underwritten by AXA, but Curve really should be able to answer basic questions about the products they’re selling.


Curve aren’t allowed to, they’re heavily watched by the FSA/AXA.

In my line of work, we sell a insurance product but we’re only allowed to go over the key facts, and ask the customer to read the full policy wording.


Where is the full policy wording?
I don’t see a link to it from within the app

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Curve. Please provide a link to the insurance document that state the facts. Like everybody else I don’t see the document.

It’s a very valid question. I would assume an Apple Watch to be a gadget but the post above would seem it’s not.

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Full terms are here:

Thanks. Hmm. It’s only really laptops, tablets and phones. Anything else like Apple Watch etc is not defined as a gadget.

Indeed - as I posted above :wink:

I personally would make the argument that an Apple Watch is an accessory for a phone (which would be covered) since you need the iPhone to make the Apple Watch work. I don’t think AXA will necessarily see it the same way.

Edit: On closer inspection, the documentation I received has a different definition of gadgets.

GADGET(S): laptops, chromebooks, e-readers, tablets and any accessories for these items.

Even if that argument were accepted, the policy states that it does not cover

loss or theft of any accessories if the gadget that they are an accessory to is not also lost, stolen or damaged;

ie. If your watch is an accessory to your phone, then it’s only covered if the phone is also damaged/stolen. And then only up to £800 total.

Hmm. So I guess the policy only covers accessories when your items are together and lost / stolen (ie. in a laptop bag which is stolen)?

Mobile phones are only covered for loss or theft so it’s even more unlikely an Apple Watch would be lost or stolen in the same incident, considering the exclusion cases.

Having just read the terms and conditions of the gadget cover a few eye-openers for me.

Gadgets are only covered to a total of £800 with an excess of £50. Pretty much all my gadgets and phones cost considerably more than £800. I assume they are covered up to £800 and not completely exempt because they are over this amount?

I see Black cards only cover mobile phone loss or theft and not damage and all cards can make 1 claim per year for a mobile. Not great compared to others.

I also assume, for travel cover the flights/hotel/holiday does not need to be booked using the Curve card?

Curve seem to be advertising gadget cover and AXA insurance as 2 separate benefits. In fact the gadget cover is actually part of the AXA insurance.

Finally I guess cameras, WiFi dongles, Fire Sticks, pico projectors, speakers, Echos and the heap of other gadgets I’ve got are not actually gadgets after all.

I have Amex gadget insurance. It covers me for any electronic device up to £1,500 for £12.99 per month. Curve and the likes of Revolut need to offer more than they do to entice users to their subscription model. I need a bigger carrot to persuade me.

Perhaps more funny, is that if your mobile phone is stolen as part of a mugging, then you’re not covered unless they also steal your Curve card. Cue the victim chasing the iphone robber, trying to get him to take the credit card too! :joy:

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Are you kidding or is that true?

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