Gadget insurance help

Hey guys my phone has a broken display and before I pay to have it repaired I’d like to make sure that the repair fee can be covered by the insurance from my metal subscription. Apple store says it’s around 200 euros which is below the 800 threshold I see. But do I need to contact AXA first to see if I need their permission to do this?

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I dont think AXA will pay for you to repair they will either ask you to send it in to them or they would send a courier who just swaps the phone.

I’d say give AXA a ring and see how the land lies. If you go to Account > Insurance Details the number to call and your policy number is displayed.

Previous insurance companies I’ve used (not AXA) have used their preferred supplier and wouldn’t let me fix it myself and bill them.

Would be good to get an update after your call with them

Yep I just rang them. They said in my case (a cracked screen with no electrical damage) I can go repair it myself and send them the invoice afterwards. Even though is a travel insurance, AXA is making an exception to cell phones. So you don’t need to show proof of traveling when making the claim.


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