Gadget Insurance Information?

Hey Everyone!

I have a few questions and comments regarding the Gadget insurance that I could not find the answer to and was wondering if anyone can help me.

  1. How many Gadgets are covered under one card?

  2. How many times can an individual claim per year? or is it something like once per device?

  3. The £800 Gadget insurance is surely quite a low amount as most gadget insurance would cover upwards of £1000 at least especially with newer phones and laptops easily surpassing this?

Thanks for all your help!

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Hey @jordan :wave: Welcome to our Community! :smile:

I’ll do my best to answer these, but I would highly recommend you to check out our insurance T&Cs (link at the bottom) or to contact AXA directly for more info.

All your gadgets will technically be covered under the insurance cover. Our insurance terms defines ‘Gadget(s)’ as “laptops, chromebooks, mobile phones, e-readers, tablets and any accessories for these items.” Mobile phones are limited to one claim within a 365 day period, however, no limit applies to other items.

At the moment we cover up to £800, but I can definitely pass on the feedback that you believe the cover should be higher.

As Curve doesn’t handle any claims, I would advise contacting AXA directly for any more detailed info. You can call the AXA Travel Insurance support team through this number:

UK (Black): +44 (0) 203 887 29 48
UK (Metal): +44 (0) 203 887 29 49
Portugal: +351 210 200 135
France: +33 1 707 512 18
Spain: +34 91 414 37 28
Italy: +39 2 360 037 32
Ireland: +353 144 751 67
Germany: +49 221 828 296 92

You can also see some info about our insurance offerings at the following link:

Regarding mobile phones, if purchasing a new contract phone with mobile plan (or one where you pay monthly for the phone only e.g. Apple are doing this now) will I still be covered?