Gadget Insurance missing Curve Black

Gadget Insurance has been removed from Curve Black. Its neither shown in app nor or website.

Can anyone confirm, when did this happen or if there was any notification (I may have missed)?

I am not on a subscription myself, but judging from this site (after selecting a country from the drop-down) it looks like some changes were made, for new customers, to the insurance (valid from the 13th of February 2020). Looks like for new Black customers there is no Gadget cover anymore. For new Metal customers there still is Gadget cover (but only in name, since it looks like, from the T&Cs, that it only covers Mobile Phones) and rental car insurance.

Since Black and Metal are now named in the (same) Insurance Product Information Document (IPID) for all (EU-)countries this also looks like a big step towards Curve Metal outside the UK.

So, since I am told that in the UK you can bet on anything, I will go to a bookmaker straight away to have a bet on what this is all about:

Looks like a sure bet to me :wink: :money_mouth_face:.

The new policy makes cover & entitlements for Black same as Metal but without gadget/mobile phone insurance & rental car insurance.

This I can confirm :grin:

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That’s some pretty big changes.

New black customers are getting a fair bit less value now without any sort of gadget insurance.

I appreciate that some of the travel insurance has been boosted for them, but not enough to justify the removal.

Presumably something more is coming to black tier? I really don’t think it needed to be made less attractive.

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Interesting, wasn’t aware this was changing. It does worry me a little, feels like a situation similar to the old Curve rewards scheme and the one is going to happen again. If the old black card customers don’t ‘move’ to the new black card scheme, they potentially lose out on other/new benefits.


Can anyone from Curve confirm how this will work with new Black features going forward?

Are people on the black with gadget insurance going to have to change if they want new features?

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@Curve_Marie Can you help answer this?

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@Curve_Marie or anyone from Curve team, can you please clarify?

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There’s no change for customers who signed up before Feb 24th. Will check up on the exact changes for newer customer :slight_smile:


Current Curve card taken up before 13th February 2020

Current Curve card taken up on or after 13th February 2020

Thank you for flagging this! Will check up on the webpage

Hiya, so I need to clarify something. I was walking around town today and someone bumped into me and caused me to crack my phone screen, does this get covered by my metal insurance? It doesn’t specify in any plain English what classifies as phone damage.

I’ve noticed you have changed the dates on the website from 13th February 2020 to 24th February 2020.
Please notice that in the name of the documents (for new Black and Metal customers) that can be downloaded from the website there still is a reference to the 13th February.

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Yes it should be covered, it’s simply accidental damage, and I can’t see any exclusions that would apply to you.

Having said that, you need to call the AXA claims line anyways, so you can confirm then.

Update on the changes: