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I have discovered a large scratch down the front of my iPhone XR screen recently to which Apple and everywhere else want close to £300 to replace (as that is all you can do).

Has anyone carried out a claim with the AXA under the Curve Black Card as of yet? Is it £50 excess and what do they do? Straight-swap with a refurbished device like-for-like or do they take away and repair? How easy is the process as I need the phone for both work and social…


The terms for the insurance [1] state that (page 22):

Please note: Under Black cover, mobile phones are only covered for loss or theft.

So as far as I’m aware, Black doesn’t cover damage - you need metal for damage cover. I’d check with AXA to confirm that though.


Cheers Geoff. I think you are correct, but will upgrade once they’ve agreed to bring out a Black Metal Card…

Here’s to sticking with the annoying scratch… :roll_eyes::grimacing:

Dear All.

I have Curve Metal. Was wondering if anyone has any knowledge/experience of the following.

I have a laptop that was friend during an electrical storm last night in Mexico. I had taken precautions with surge protectors and decent wiring should prevent this anyway.

Will Gadget Cover cover this. I wanted to see if anyone knew before I call AXA as you only have one shot.

Any pointers very much appreciated!


I can’t see how this would not be covered by the Metal policy cover, you’d need to adhere to the following as indicated by their terms:

  • The amount payable will be the value at today’s prices less a deduction for wear tear and depreciation (loss of value).
  • Provide proof of ownership (purchase receipt)
  • Point 5 suggests it won’t cover electrical breakdown, however your circumstance are not as a result of wear and tear, effectively it is a spontaneous incident much like getting caught in a fire, so you’d be making a damage claim
  • excess is £50 and you’re covered up to a max of £800 for the item replacement

Thanks LDPIX. Just what I was looking for. Concise and extremely helpful :slight_smile:

The only thing I worry about is the policy’s ‘act of god’ clause. I would argue it was due to poor wiring and a brown out. That would be human and not divine intervention :wink: ?

It’s not exactly time consuming to call AXA. They will tell you to get it repaired, and then send them the invoice. They will re imburse you, less £50 excess up to £800

Not exactly the type of insurance you need - “here go and find £750 to cover the costs of repair and then wait (most probably) up to 30 days for us to process the refund” I am starting to wonder what I’m paying £9.99 a month for…

well I’m paying for £2,500 of transaction free ATM in euro’s ( I travel quite a lot)
travel insurance.
TBH having to pay for a pretty awful lounge at Luton doesn’t seem worth it,
The gadget insurance covers almost anything that can wrong with my iPhone Xs- I was paying Barclays £11.99 /month with £100 excess - for far inferior cover.

All in all it’s worth it for me.

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I travel a lot too keep Curve as a backup card to clone any card in case I lose any and my bank post a new card to my UK address.

I use Starling bank because they have no limit on free atm transactions abroad for no fee.