Galaxy Watch 3, can't import card

I received my galaxy watch 3 today, when setting samsung pay, it imported my curve card successfully. When come to activation, I inputed cvc number and post code, it starts validating card, next message pops up "to agree to terms and conditions " after validates again and comes up with message "registration denied, your request wasn’t approved by card issuer.
What am I doing wrong? How can I add my galaxy pay card powered by curve to watch?

Same problem here

Does anyone respond on here. Seems crazy that this does not work, tell me again the point of Samsung pay?

I have removed curve samsung card from phone’s samsung pay app, hoping adding card again might solve issue. Now I can’t even add card to samsung pay app on the phone, despite entering all card numbers correctly. Emailed curve support, they told to remove Samsung pay card from curve app and add it again. Removing Samsung pay card from curve app is not possible as well, there is no option to remove card!
So far, very bad experience with curve. Ordered physical card at cost of £4.99, hoping it might resolve issue.

Exactly the same here! However I reset the Samsung Pay app and it won’t even import the Curve card now. Not happy as I was wanting to use my watch for ease of paying for things!

I kept getting this error too then realised that the Curve card when I viewed the details on the app has a different CVC number than the one I had sent on a SMS. I used the one shown on card details in the app and it imported it no problem to the phone.