Gambling transactions

I read a thread that says these are banned but looking at the terms that’s not actually the case. The terms say:

  • 17.1. You are not permitted to use the Curve Account, Curve Card or Services:
    • 17.1.2. for any illegal purpose including activities pertaining to escort services, gambling, direct marketing, purchase, sale or trade of cryptocurrencies or foreign currency, money orders (not wire transfer) and travelers cheques transactions made at non-financial institutions;

17.1.2 clearly only prohibits “any illegal purpose” and then goes on to list some examples of things that could be included within this.

At no point anywhere in the terms can I find any prohibition of legal gambling transactions.

So why is it not working in betting shops for me?

From the terms:

9.3. You can use Curve Card at any merchant or ATM provider which accepts Mastercard® , subject to the Curve Card limits and blocked merchants as set out in the Limits Table at Schedule 2.

Schedule 2:

Blocked merchant categories:


Dating and escort services

Massage parlours

Inbound teleservices

Investment services

Prepaid/ cash services

Certain categories may be enabled based on your risk review. It is at the discretion of Curve to not allow certain categories of transaction for any user.

Ah, didn’t see that. What’s the reasoning?

And what does “Prepaid/cash services” mean?

Trying to save your money :policeman: :slight_smile:

Right so apart from a sarky autocratic joke, what’s the actual reasoning?

Also exactly which MCCs do Curve deem to be “gambling”? What about skilled gaming something like 7994 ot 7999?

Gambling is not allowed with your Curve card as these transactions are seen as high risk. If you have any account specific questions please contact the support team at support@curveapp :slightly_smiling_face:

I just asked a specific question:

which MCCs do Curve deem to be “gambling”

Hey @jph!
The MCC code for gambling/betting is 7995.

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Thank you. I know. So you are explicitly confirming no other MCCs fall under your gambling ban?

Yes! The MCC, 7995 is blocked with Curve as it comes under gambling.

We are yet to experience any issues with MCC codes 7994 and 7999. :+1:

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