Garmin, Fitbit and Wena Pay are Live for UK customers!

This is fantastic! Opened a Starling account so I could use Garmin Pay with my watch - now I can use every card with my Garmin.

Great work Curve.

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Announcement on Twitter:

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Only UK ?? Again ??


UK issued card.
I’ve seen people with Garmin are also facing something similar

It doesn’t work…

Worked first time and fine for me

I tried both Garmin and Fitbit and both don’t work :pensive:

I don’t understand why they (Curve) would even offer Garmin/Fitbit pay. I guess the majority of the work was done with the integration with Android/Apple Pay but for the amount of people using it is it truly worth the effort? I don’t think it is as I think the time taken could of been spent on bigger and bigger things which would benefit the vast majority rather then a niche minority.

I’m sure I’ve put the cat above the pigeons with the above statement but it’s my view take it or leave it.


Same error for me, I’m in Germany. I did get an email about the announcement. They must know who to send their announcement emails to!

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I dare to disagree. I’m from Czech Rep., on Android. If I want use smartwatch to pay, Garmin Pay/Fitbit pay is the only chance. Samsung pay nor Google pay (on watch) is not supported here and even if it was, I’m not willing to charge my watch more often than once a week (now I charge every 10 days). I love my Garmin watches and I’m long-time satisfied user of Curve. This connection of services really made my day.

To other thing - at this moment I cannot add Curve card to Garmin pay, same problems as, I guess, all of you.

If they want to be ubiquitous I think it is a great move.

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Fitbit Pay with Curve for UK residents only or international support?

I’ve just had an email to say I can pay using my fitbit which is fab but does anyone know how you set this up??? I’ve just searched through the fitbit app apps and Curve is not on the list…any advice would be welcomed thank you!

Same problem here. Curve card cannot be added to Garmin Pay in Hungary.

Same here. Using garmin in malta with curve.

Revolut works on garmin, so it is not a hardware issue

And curve is not in the list of supported cards on the garmin website

Garmin just put Revolut back to the supported list (but worked before), so I think that one is the lesser problem.
My guess is that Curve with Garmin Pay is either for UK only users for now (like GPay, Samsung Pay), or there is a technical problem with it at the moment.

Garmin Pay doesn’t work for me, I’m afraid… I’m using Curve Black Legacy and wanted to pair it with my Fenix 6X Pro & iPhone XS. Made several attempt and each time I got the notification “your card could not be added at this time, please try later”.
I understand Curves are tied to the same one / few BINs, so I guess it may be may location (Poland) issue.

I get a ‘card declined’ error message…ideas anyone?

Mine works in Germany with both GPay and Samsung Pay. I got my curve while living in London so it’s a UK BIN… Reason why I’m surprised FitBit doesn’t work

Then it could be some technical issue. It’s a bit odd that they are so quiet about this (why it doesn’t work for many). I tried yesterday many times, it was alternating between card provisioning error and the “issuing bank does not participate” error messages. I have UK BIN card also in Hungary (although GPay never worked for me).
Too bad, I really wanted Garmin Pay to work this year…