Garmin/Fitbit Pay

Since you already have Apple Pay, Google Pay and Samsung Pay on the roadmap, why not add Garmin Pay as well?


Then Fitbit Pay should be added as well…


Actually, that would be awesome!

If Garmin Pay is implemented there will be a great notice… It will be how all cards will be work too!!!

Curve staff can answer if they work in Garmin Pay support…


Yes please to Garmin Pay!!


Having just got a Garmin watch which has Garmin Pay, this would be extremely convenient as most UK banks haven’t enrolled with Garmin Pay as yet.

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Would love to see Fitbit pay support Curve. This would reduce having the wait for individual banks to be supported.

The current supported banks are found here:


Fitbit pay pleeeeeeeaaaase!!!

In Poland it’s starting to by to late for Curve. Curve has not implemented GooglePay or GarminPay while in last few months most of major Banks in Poland did.
Because of that for most of potential and already clients Curve lose the biggest advantage which was joined cards for different banks in one. I was really pleased to use Curve but now when I have Garmin watch and all my banks have GarminPay I have no use for Curve and leave it in the closet :pensive:
It’s a pity that such a innovative firm with great start focuse on implementing less useful innovations and being left behind by normal banks (at least in Poland).

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Garmin Pay would be amazing!!!

I am also please for garmin pay

Huge +1 for Garmin Pay!

And another +1 from me too for Garmin Pay, it would make my watch my first priority device for paying!

Definitely! I vote for GarminPay

Fitbit has been acquired by Google. So it’s very likely it will be killed (typical) and be replaced with Google Pay in the future. So, Garmin Pay should be priority.

I try to add my Curve card to Garmin Pay from time to time, but I always got the “The issuing bank is not participating Garmin Pay” message. Until now.
I tried again today and now it greeted me with the Terms and Conditions text, but when accepting it says the card provisioning failed.

Maybe Garmin Pay is in the works? :thinking:

Same issue here. I got an email today saying that, my Curve card already can be added to Garmin pay but adding my card always fails.

Same here. Email with Garmin pay availability arrived, but activation failed after condition acceptation.

Please continue discussion in Garmin, Fitbit and Wena Pay are Live!