Garmin Pay broken again!

So it looks like Garmin Pay is broken again, as my Curve card is sat waiting activation and has been for a week…

I can’t remove the card from Garmin Pay to try again, as it Garmin Pay errors…

Any ideas???

Hey Andy, sorry for the late response! Is this issue still ongoing and have you been in touch with the customer experience team to request support from them just yet? :blush:
We can’t discuss your account on the Community but they’ll be able to troubleshoot these issues for you there.

Hi Joel,

I have a case still open with Support at both Garmin and Curve, but very little in way of communication from Curve, apart from we will be in touch. I believe it has gone to your back office tech team to try and resolve,.

But to be honest I have given up…

Sorry to hear that, Andy. If it’s currently being handled by our engineering team then it’s likely that your account has been affected by a larger issue which may take some time to resolve. Thanks for your patience while they work on this and sorry for any inconvenience. If you’d like an update on their progress then I’d recommend either sending a new message to the customer experience team or DMing the social team at @AskCurve.

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