GBIT: Curve does not refund original credt card, chat just ignores me

I used the go-back-in-time function but Curve just charged me twice now and has not refunded the original credit card.
The chat just ignores my questions.
This is not acceptable!

How many days ago did you use GBiT?

Three days ago

When will you refund me?
When using Go Back in Time, your bank statement can often be a little bit slower to update. You should see the refund appear on your original payment card statement within 1-5 working days.

Why doesn’t Curve tell me this info via the in-app chat? I asked them hours ago. NO RESPONSE!

Because it isn’t a realtime/live chat. Starting a chat just creates a support ticket.

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It’s too early. GBIT often requires about a week to see the refund displayed as “confirmed”…

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