GBIT declined => Transaction tagged declined

I have reported this issue before the Wirecard migration but still, they took the occasion to close my case… (Any occasion are good for the support to reduce their ticket backlog…)

When using the GBIT, sometime the underlying card for GBIT refuses the transaction (in my case because the limit is reached). Then, the GBIT is canceled and the transaction concerned is tagged as “declined” in my timeline.
So I am unable to GBIT it another card…
Unfortunately the Wirecard migration and GBIT fixes have not resolved this issue.

@Curve_Marie : could you help to report this bug ?

Thank you

Hi @Will, thanks for brining this to our attention. I’ve passed this on to the relevant team so they can look into it further and begin working on a fix.

Thanks @Hannah I hope this will be fixed soon.
Let me know if you need examples of transactions. :wink:

I’ve just heard from the team that they’re aware of it and are investigating it more. Thanks again, I’ll be sure to reach out if we need examples! :grin:

I made a couple of GbiT a few days ago and still waiting to see a “credit” to the original credit card - how long does it usually take to appear?

Thanks - useful to know.

I think mine has done the same thing (tried the GBiT yesterday for a transaction on a card if mine that doesn’t seem to be working with Curve and now it shows as declined despite it still showing on my bank account)

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I tried to use go back in time for 2 transactions and the card issuer blocked them. I solved it with the issuer, but now the transactions show as DECLINED on the app on the card I made the transactions from even though they went through… Apparently this decline is about the go back in time and not the actual transaction, which is very strange. This results on me not being able to use go back in time anymore as that option is not available on a declined transaction. I tried to reach out to support but they do not understand the issue.

Any ideas?

2 weeks later and this is still happening. Any idea when it will be corrected? I don’t have the go back in time option due to this issue.

Hey @Yahoo

Is this occurring on a single transaction or all of them?

Hey - it is happening with two of my transactions that I tried to move to another card “go back in time” but the issuer blocked both transactions. So now even though they went through on the original card used to pay for them, they show as declined now.

@Curve_Marie when can we expect this issue fixed?
I reported this to the support last April…

@Hannah @Curve_Marie this bug is still not fixed and the info was transfered by the support to somewhere… since March! (before the Wirecard crash)
Do we need to wait for 2021 for a solution?

Unfortunately I’m facing the same problem with a transaction from earlier this month. The first attempt to change the card via GbiT failed and now the option is not available and the transaction says declined although it’s definitely on the first card. And unfortunately has to be moved from there, what I can’t do now with the option missing.

Please, @Hannah, @Curve_Marie we’d need a fix ASAP!

Your help is greatly appreciated!

@dafi : you can contact the support at with the date, name of the transaction, amount (screenshot is better) and the last 4 digits of the target underlying card. They will do the GBIT manually.
But I agree it’s not normal this issue has not be fixed since it has been reported for a while!

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Sometimes when a bug does not affect that many users and/or does not occur very frequently and/or there is an easy workaround and/or fixing the bug requires a lot of time and effort and/or there are more urgent bugs to fix, the decision can be made to not fix a certain bug (immediately). This is normal business.

Understandable, I avoid to contact the support everytime I’m having this issue.
For the future I will do, when they will see an increase of support ticket they will move to fixe it :joy:

Just out of interest how many tickets a month would we be talking about in your case?