GBiT display bug

This is what I get when displaying GBiT transactions. The original card is lost and the target is shown instead. App ver 2.13.12.

I’ve reported this issue 6+ months ago. Sad to see that they still haven’t fixed it. :unamused:


Oh dear. I wish there was a consolidated bug list then I would not bother the community.


Agree the bug tracking/reporting system definitely needs work, hopefully it’s on the list for the next beta!


Bug still present.

Not a priority but a year should be enough to fix it.


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Sad to see that nobody cares.

Please fix this already. That’s embarrassing. :eyes:

Thanks for taking the time to feed this back to us. We’ve now fixed this issue. Give it a try and let us know if it’s working.


Fixed for me.

Where can I check which card was used for the original purchase?

@Oliverda If you scroll down and tap on ‘Go Back in Time’ it will show you which card the transaction was originally processed on (this used to not display correctly but seems fine now, on Android at least)

Thanks, but that doesn’t work on my side. (iOS, 3.5.3 4059)

Ah OK :cry: Sorry not sure then - hopefully something coming to a future version of the iOS app! I know @Dann is on iOS, have tagged him in case there’s a way!