Gbit limited to 3 times although 28th August is limit to change from free plan

Although free plan if you don’t get X Curve until 28th August have unlimited go back in time, I am on free plan (blue card) but I can’t do none gbits right now and support doesn’t respond


It happened to me too.
Had to make the upgrade to Black sooner than expected.

I don’t want to upgrade, I want that Curve gets solution and make things as they promised and as these own rules


I don’t even seem any mention on (a restriction of) the number of times one can perform a GBiT transaction on the free plan in the help pages or on the website. Only restriction that can be found is the number of days one can perform a GBiT transaction within (30/60/90/120 days).

I am not on Curve free, so I may not have received an email where this restriction is communicated.

Had another look and the only place where I can find the restriction on the number of times is in the blog post.

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I received that, you can see

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Doesn’t work again :rage:

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It still doesn’t work for me.

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How did you solve?

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does anyone have any news from the support?

support is getting worse day by day.
i would gladly join their support team!

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So we all know that Curve are making changes from 27 August. I just tried to go back in time, and it says I can’t because the max is 3 per month.

Leaving aside the fact that I’ve only done 2 GBIT, is this a bug or have Curve illegally changed the limits early in breach of their own terms and conditions?


@Curve_Joel I raised a support ticket but no response :scream:

No response. Not here. Not twitter. Not in Help.

Curve is dead.

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Not sure. Maybe it is just summer effect. Vacations. Screw work attitude. Something like that.