GBiT Limits (Chase workaround)

Are there any limits on the number of times GBiT can be used in a month on the account as a whole e.g. 30-50 month, just small daily spending, travel, shops etc

I already use Curve for all my transactions and I am opening a Chase account for the 1.5% savings, the current account has 1% cashback for a year and 5% on roundups. The problem is it doesn’t appear to support Open Banking and rather than have to manually add all my spending into Moneyhub, I could use my normal method of Curve with RBS underlying and use GBiT to move them into Chase.

Would this be possible or would it be against some Curve fair use policy?


Sounds like Chase is a good product.

GBiT is a great part of Curve abusing it “30-50 month” is not a good idea as that’s not the intention of the service and it may draw attention to something many people like or need.

I moved over a 100 transactions to Chase after I opened the account. Chase blocked my account after 10 or so transactions due to security, but after verifying it was me, I was able to move rest of the transactions on the same day. There were no limitations on Curve side as that’s exactly what GBiT is designed to do.

Interesting, I am certainly not looking to abuse the GBiT system I agree it’s a great feature and wouldn’t want to lose it, I couldn’t see any fair use restriction on it (which is more like them saying “use it but it but we don’t like it if you use it excessively”) or limit other than a financial one for a single transaction size.

I might move a couple of old large ones from the last 30 days but probably not chance it for regular spending.