GBIT partially refunded transaction

According to the opening post in the linked topic below

it should be possible to use GBiT on a partially refunded transaction, but that is currently not the case. Why?

No response. Honestly I can accept some bugs but please acknowledge them if you expect us to trust you to handle our payments.

Hey @niklas.holm, sorry to see that your first message here was missed!

Due to experiencing some issues with customers using the GBiT feature with partially refunded transactions this option was removed to be refined. We hope to reinstate the option of using GBiT with partially refunded transactions when we can!

Please also bear in mind that the Community is primarily a place for our Curve users to interact and discuss Curve’s product, service and any other interests they might wish to chat about. Usually, our fantastic moderators or other members of the Community can provide answers to general questions in the help category but, in some cases, you may need help from a member of the Curve team. Feel free to tag me in the future or you can ask questions such as this with our support team by using the in-app chat. :grin:

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