GBIT - Pre-Auth on New Card Failing

I’ve just added a new card to Curve. This was added OK and in the underlying card’s app I can see the pending transaction Curve made to test the card.

I’ve made a physical purchase with the new card just to make sure that it is activated etc. and this worked OK as well.

I’ve now come to GBIT some transaction from my existing to new card and they fail with something along the lines of “pre-auth on new card failed”.

What does that mean? Other than the obvious. Is there something else I have to do?

Any/all help appreciated.

An update on this.

The error is “Pre-Auth on New Card Not Authorised”.

However, it seems after a no. of attempts, it does work, eventually!

I’ve not been sat there tapping retry until it does work, but now again over the course of last evening I’d open the Curve app and try again. Suddenly GBIT worked! I tried it with another transaction, it worked and another, it failed (for the above reason).

Later I tried again, it failed, I tried another transaction, it worked and another, it failed (again).

Anyway, long story short… I’ve managed to GBIT all of the transactions I wanted to.

Surely this isn’t how GBIT is meant to work ('ve never had issues like this before). Is this Curve, the underlying card? Why is it not authorised one minute, but is the next?