Gbit problem at this moment

Did a few gbit transactions with succes just now but I need to do some more and I get the message

“We’ve encountered an error. Please try again or contact curve support of this issie persists.”

Anybody else with the same problem?

Not the same issue. But for me my GBiT transactions behaved different than normally. The card I am moving the transactions away from normally receives the refunds immediately, but this isn’t the case for two GBiT transactions I just did a couple of minutes ago.

I tried restarting my Phone, but that didn’t help, I guess there’s a little hickup with the service, I’ll try again tomorrow, if the problem persists I’ll pass it on to support.

All is solved…in the end. Had some issues on the card I was gbitting to. There was a premium limit on the card but an internal error limited it to 2k. Sending some mails to the underlying card and curve solved it.

Sometimes it’s difficult to find a good result. But i tried gbit to another card an that worked fine …. So gbit wasn’t the problem. It was the false info on the limit.

But it takes some days for support to get to the solution.

Curve/plutus :+1:t3: