GBiT transaction refunded

I used GBiT for a transaction that originally happened on my Santander card which I GBiT’d to my Metro Bank card but after I got a refund for the original transaction so will I still get the money on my Santander card or?

Hi ijihuh, welcome to the Curve Community. :wave:

Yes you would of got refunded for the Santander transaction and at the same time a transaction would of been left on your Metro Bank card for the exact same amount you was refunded on your Santander card.

So for example I spend £20.00 in Footlocker on my HSBC card I then use GBIT to transfer it to Halifax card. I would get a refund of £20.00 to my HSBC card immediately. Then I would have a charge applied of £20.00 to my Halifax account with the same transaction name of Footlocker.

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