GBiT working only for a subset of cards?

I am very happy to hear that “Go Back in Time” is back. But when I tried to actually use it, I noticed that I could not select all cards from my wallet but only a subset for debiting retroactively.
Is this a known issue?

I have one card in particular which I would like to debit with GBiT. I can debit it in real time at a POS. But it is not offered as one of the targets for GBiT. This card happens to be issued by Wirecard - does that cause any issues?

It’s showing me all my cards OK (v2.20.1 Android)

Yeah, not happy. I had transactions originally on a EUR card that need to get moved to my GBP card and can’t move any of them. Not happy at all.

Ah OK I’m only trying to move between GBP cards, maybe that’s the issue?

For me my only my DiPocket card is missing as an option to move the purchase to. Just checked and it is not issued by Wirecard. I do remember that this was the only card (apart from the card that I selected to use GbiT from) that had to be reverified after the Curve service was resumed (not sure if this is in anyway related or just a coincidence).

I just had this issue. I deleted the card and added, verified again. card appeared in GBIT.

FYI, it kept my transaction information. nothing was lost.


Awesome, this worked for me as well. Thanks!

This helped me too, thanks!