General declines happening again - curve is dead in hungary

hi, like before christmas curve is unusable again. all transactions are getting declined in hungary (probably not only here), mobile and physical card payments are all affected. you should check and communicate something properly

i’ve just seen there was some maintenance work today, probably something went wrong. error codes were 306 = Authorization has expired


I thought I was alone. Even anti-embarrassment was embarrassed. (UK)

We experienced a short problem which meant a few customers experienced some declines when making payments in the early hours of this morning. This issue has now been fixed and transactions through Curve are being processed as normal.

It looks like they are not yet aware.

Hey both, thanks for flagging this. We’re aware of the issue and can confirm that some downtime was experienced between the hours of 4-7 am this morning. This has since been resolved and the team are investigating the initial cause of the downtime. Sorry for any inconvenience that may have been caused by a decline.

If you were charged in error during this time then please be assured that our customer experience team is in the process of reversing all incorrect charges and you should see the incorrectly charged funds reflected back in your bank account within 1-5 working days. This window of time is dependant on the time that it takes for the refund to be processed by the bank once reversed by us.

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