Get contextual information for a declined payment

I’m an Andriod user and I’ve just had the unfortunate experience of having Amazon orders decline via Curve (some orders have gone through and some haven’t, and when blocked they haven’t been passed onto the connected account so I can’t see any information about them). as an FYI I’m within the guidelines described here but alas I’m still being declined.

The app doesn’t show any information about the declines.

A notification pops up to tell me about a declined transaction and shows in the notification the retailer and the amount but when I press on the notification it doesn’t show me any additional information about the transaction, in fact, it doesn’t show me anything at all. It simply takes me to the App which doesn’t show this information.

I think it would be a great feature if the app would tell you about declines… along with the contextual information as to why you were declined. As is, which reason (as listed here caused the decline to occur.



It’s in the works :smiley: