Getting lots more declines

Hi all

Since last weeks text about possible declines i am still getting them randomly. Was the issue resolved?

Yesterday i managed to buy lunch without issue and then less than 30 mins later my coffee purchase was declined.

Any ideas?

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I’ve also been noticing this, its very strange.

Many decline issue yesterday, thought its the merchant, had to pay via paypal in the end. But not working at all today :confused:
But status page looks good:

Morning guys! Can confirm, there are no service issues at the moment. Could you send a message to us at so we can check the reasons for the individual declines?

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Already done, waiting to hear back so I can continue making online purchases :slight_smile:

Here in Portugal there have been reports of a lot of declines with MasterCard cards since yesterday. Personally I also had a lot of declines with Curve since yesterday and other MasterCard cards as well. Visa and Multibanco seem unaffected

I wasn’t able to use my card today just declined, raised it with support but heard nothing back at all?

Any ideas when this will be resolved?

Seems to be issues all the time at the moment.

Did 1 purchase with Curve today (in Latvia), worked fine for me.