Give option to turn-off currency conversion for a card

If I have a card without foreign transaction fee, it is currently a bad idea to add such a card to Curve:

  • On weekends, Curve will charge an extra fee which is usually not present for the regular card (as exchange rates are often only determined when the transaction settles on a later weekday).
  • If you are travelling and do not want to use Curve as doing the currency conversion, you need to manually change temporarily the base currency, i.e., if you travel with an EUR card to the US, you need to change the base currency of your card to USD and then remember to switch it back to EUR, when you return to Europe (otherwise Curve will convert EUR to USD, which is then converted back to EUR by the card issuer).

However, Curve is great because it allows me to organize all my cards and don’t carry them all with me (not to mention the great option to set rules), so why is there not the option to turn off currency conversion completely for a card?

  • I and many others would probably add more cards to curve and even upgrade to a higher tier (due to the additional cards managed by Curve).
  • It would increase customer satisfaction, as there is no need to manually fiddle around with the base currency when travelling using card without foreign transaction fee added to Curve.
  • It should be relatively straightforward to implement just a simple toggle “currency conversion”, which can be changed for each card individually.

Of course, one could add such features also to rules and maybe even turn off currency conversion only for weekend charges or so, but I think just having a single button for each card would be

Just saw that this is basically the same idea, as suggested here: Support for Multi-Currency Cards and Can't we avoid Curve currency conversion?.

This was suggested in 2019, almost three years ago. Why was this still not introduced after three years!?

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Which is basically the same idea.