Give the choice of keeping the existing plastic card while upgrading or downgrading

I understand the problems involved with the metal card, but what about switching within the 3 plastic tiers Free, X and Black?
I think it would really be appreciated if the customer was given the possibility of keeping the existing card while upgrading or downgrading, then they would get a new card upon request and/or when the old one expires. It can be frustrating to have to change the card details with every merchant it’s been used with.
Would this be technically possible? Does the system necessarily have to issue a new card?


I hope this will be implemented.
It is annoying to change card number and dates on everything.
What the purpose of Curve if it cannot replace itself as a physical card?
And I don’t need metal, because my wallet is getting too heavy and the card slips away for the weight.

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As for the Metal Card, the situation is a bit different and there is a dedicated thread in which you can find some explanations: Curve Metal without Metal?
That’s why a separated thread has been created, because it should be more feasible to implement this considering the plastic cards only.

Yes thank you
already voted there
maybe this suggestion should be put in the feedback forum to be able to vote for it?

Yes it should, I actually wrote it as a reply in the Metal thread since it was scrictly related, asking the mods to split it if they thought it was the case, but it was mistakenly split in a different forum section than the original.