Give us more value please

Please look over the metal plan, weekend fx fee for metal customers?

Lounge key for 20GBP?

The metal plan is not cheap, so please give us some more value for our money… getting harder to justify paying these fees…

You guys got rid of the weekend fx fees for everyone over the summer, this should ofc be the case all year around for the people paying for premium


There are new insurance perks coming soon it was announced on the blog.

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I agree, need to be more perks for Metal customers. We should certainly not be charged for the FX charges! Im thinking of cancelling soon with the cost of living increasing


Yes I am also about to give up on this project… it’s not good value for money, and these insurance improvements are probably the cheapest thing to make changes in… it’s a group insurance that probably not get used much at all of all the metal users…

I think most of us want the weekend fee to go away since it’s just not making any sense since they use the MasterCard rates… and we’ve been asking for a function that just pass the conversion to underlying card as well but curve just don’t seem to give a damn about their actual paying customers… (and the ones paying the most as well)… can we at least get some answers about anything besides “thanks for the feedback I’ll pass that along”?

The 15 percent discount LoungeKey gives can easily be saved up on just by cancelling metal and pay walk in price


I agree with this. I remember when Curve announced the removal of the FX fees for the summer. The announcement said they would look at the possibility of removing the permanently. Obviously that didn’t happen, but Curve could remove them permanently for Metal customers - brining not only an extra perk for those paying a premium, but also an incentive to other tiers. Who enjoyed it over the summer. Agree too with the LoungeKey - they could look at making that completely free for Metal, and keep the £20 for Black maybe - again giving an incentive for those who like it on lower tier to upgrade.

Also - what happened to Customer Service?! The Metal card “perks” state “premium customer service” (or something like that) - I’ve been waiting over 10 days now for a reply to a live chat. My DMs to AskCurve are being ignored too. As are my emails.


Yep, absolutey right in the Customer Service front. It’s diabolical! I was waiting for a reply for a refund issue for over 10 days! I am convinced that although they advertise a faster response time, it does not make a difference on their end.

Lounge access should be free 100%. £14.99 per month is just not worth it now. I use my phone for payments so don’t really use the ‘premium’ metal card in person anyway, the cashback in my opinion should be 1% for eveything at the very least WITHOUT having to use crypto rewards like they started. Additionally, the FX fee 100% needs to disappear for metal customers.

No doubt Curve will do no action on this, I am sick to the bone of trying to express my feels to them for them to clearly fob me off with the ‘Your feedback is noted’. Noted! Where!? I’m sure the vast scale of Curve Customers wanting what we have discussed will have filled an entire notebook on somebody’s desk at Curve, so what’s the point in being a customer if they don’t listen to you at all.

When they launched the WireX partnership, I must say, that is the worst launch I have EVER witnessed being a customer across any company I have been apart of. No communications on how to set it up, no specifics on how the ‘up to 9% cashback’ is actually acheived, no information on if I need to spend with that card, and no information on where the cashback is stored. It’s a shambles…

Really not happy at the moment as you can probably tell.


I do not think CS is their priority. 3 months ago they said they were restructuring CS for metal customer. But nothing changed it even got worse so it was probably BS. It seems Curve is just focusing on finding as many partnerships as possible for now.

I’m trying out Revolut metal at 12.99 but still, there is an fx charge at weekends.
luckily if you are travelling outside the EU you get 1% on everything so this pays off the extra fx fees at the weekend.
But still - should be 7 days a week like Starling and Monzo.

Not sure if I’ll stick with any metal plan at the moment.

I have the new currensea also (25 pounds a year - no weekend fx fees - 20% off avis and hertz etc Some other benefits). With one rental with 20% discount I’m sure you will recoup this 25 pounds a year

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I just created an account to show support to Curve and my disgust and disagreement with all the backlash lately. Curve is a business and need to charge money to provide all these awesome services to us. People should be grateful they got so much for free for all this time, and that Curve is offering cheaper subscriptions for these people.

On the topic of Metal, I personally think it’s awesome value. I’m able to make around £100 in cashback every month, and save another £100 in fx fees. I just wish they’d scrap fx fees entirely because that would probably save me an additional £100.

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Thing is with Revolut you can convert money in an other currency outside of weekends and use it without getting fees. Not possible with Curve


I wish you will never have to contact the support then, you probably understand why people are angry.
And I do not think no every one is spending 10K per month…


Good option indeed. Unfortunately they are still lacking a lot of currencies. USD might be handy if needed at the weekend though. Although I have a transferwise usd account also.

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AMEX Platinum Business make you pay €850 for year plan to give you free VIP lounge access and travel insurances, so I don’t think the Curve Metal plan is so expensive

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The main thing stopping me using curve all the time, aside from lack of amex, is weekend FX fees. that HAS to go. I can use my aqua card or barclays reward and its no fx fee 24/7 365 days a year, and both those cards are FREE and have cashback! What is curve’s excuse? Sort it out curve please! what am I getting for my £15 a month?? I can’t use your card for monthly foreign payments in case one day one of those lands on a weekend. YOU ARE LOSING OUT ON THE INTERCHANGE. Come ON! Make it a card we WANT to use! Thank you :slight_smile:

EDIT: and the cap of £10k on curve fronted is another stab in the back - whilst i dont always use it. Twice i have reached the limit and had to faff around over 2 months. Make it 15 or 20k please.


So no official response from curve on this… that’s it I’m gonna try to downgrade… I guess that also will be a struggle :weary:


If they do not answer just stop paying. You will finish to be downgraded

Shows how much Curve care about their customers!

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For those thinking of quitting the sub. Just one idea - you can get reimbursed on your sub using Plutus due to Curve’s partnership with them. It’s a £9.99 reimbursement so it only covers the Black sub not metal, but just fyi. You’d have to join Plutus and wait for your card to arrive (currently a long backlog though), and then pay for the sub with your Plutus card, and they then reimburse that as crypto (PLU). Obv if you’re not interested in going anywhere near crypto fair enough! But it works well for me, so I’m only paying £4.99 for my metal sub.


For the cashback it would be nice to have the possibility to choose to get cashback for at least one of the merchant of your transaction. And cap it if it’s costing too much for Curve

Just give cash back on everything and cap the maximum amount you can get… as it is now it’s a really unfair system since some people can select exactly the retailers and gas stations they shop from all the time, and if you live in another country or in some place where they don’t have the merchants you spend your money at you’ll never get any cash back