Glint into Administration

Yesterday Glint a Fintech company who offered a unique opportunity to buy gold and sell it, also spend it as well, went into administration.

Despite decent backing it’s yet another one that hasn’t survived the Fintech bubble. The question is will Curve continue, it’s offering is unique but parts of it are not CurrenSea is a good idea if travelling as an example. So I guess my point given little income and paying out cashback etc. how long will the premium subscription model survive. Perhaps I miss understand.

As far as I can see, CurrenSea is UK only. Curve is UK + EU/EEA, which means a larger userbase, and a larger number of prospective subscribers, thus larger funding pool, and I assume they will expand, I assume it would be not that difficult to get a foothold in Commonwealth countries as well.
Glint was a completely different cup of tea in the Fintech Universe, playing with gold and other precious metals, with no other offering, is risky business.
You can buy precious metals with German fintech bank Fidor, but they have a plethora of other services, many of them suitable for common normies, so they have a very diverse client base. They couldn’t get a foothold in the UK though.

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I had money in Glint and was going to top up and take to USA on a trip.

For some reason I decided to empty it and not use and closed mid trip

A lucky escape though they owe me 18 p