Go Back In Time and credit card protection

Is there a credit card protection, when making Go Back In Time in Curve app? If you first use Curve with underlying credit card, and the Go Back In Time to a underlying debit card.

The merchant has got the money from the credit card, when the purchase is made, but what is the opinion of the credit card company?

The transaction on the credit card would simply be refunded and then charged to the debit card.

You are correct that the merchant would have the money all the same.

As for protection, you can read more about that from Curve directly here: https://support.imaginecurve.com/hc/en-gb/articles/213620489-Am-I-covered-by-section-75-of-the-Consumer-Credit-Act-?mobile_site=true

Do you mean Section 75 protection? You don’t get that on Curve purchases as they’re a payment intermediary (viewed the same as PayPal).

More details on what they offer as an alternative at the link @JackO posted above.

I mean the credit card protection that’s on the underlying credit card. I know that I’m paying with Curve, but the money comes from the underlying card.

Which protection though? Is it something specific to that card or do you mean Section 75??

I mean a normal protection thats on a credit card. If you buy something, and dont get it, the credit card company pays it back. I don’t know nothing about Section 75, but we got a protection on credit cards.
Technically, even that i pay something with Curve, I pay it with the underlying card.

Your normal Credit Card protection won’t apply with Curve. You will need to rely on Curve Protection.

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Not the case with all credit cards. Some will say, the merchant was Curve, others will say Curve is just a “payment gateway” same as paypal.
I.E. I still receive my 2% cashback for travel related purchases when paying with PayPal / Curve.

If you’re in the UK then it sounds like you’re describing Section 75 - http://www.theukcardsassociation.org.uk/individual/section-75-for-credit-card-purchases.asp.

If you’re not then I assume you’re just meaning chargeback that VISA and MasterCard offer.

As I’ve already explained above none of these apply if you purchase via Curve as you’ve used an intermediary.

Great if you receive that however when they pay cashback vs when they’d consider refunding you if a merchant went bust may not be the same! Personally I would be careful to make a direct purchase on a credit card for something I may have to subsequently claim for.

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Indeed, I’d expect the credit card company may very well say they’ve provided you the service which was simply for Curve to pass on the transaction.

It really would be at the discretion of the credit card company.