Go Back In Time currency limit error after issuing country-specific new card

I’m just a customer like you, but I have experience in software development and system architecture…
It looks to me (just a wild guess), that instead of having some generic abstract model of “amount”, which should take care of all currency conversion and value comparison automatically across the system, they are using hard-coded logic in each place, therefore they need to “reinvent” this logic every time. OR someone just hard-coded some numbers instead of using abstract model in some parts of the app.

It also looks like card limits are country specific, so, most likely, they are defined in the system in a local currency. Therefore this problem doesn’t appear there.

If that’s really the case, then fix, indeed, will require significant amount of work.

But, as I said, It’s just a wild guess, there are many other options as well. What we see in the app is just the top of the iceberg and it’s almost impossible to know what is under the hood, so I might be completely wrong about that :slight_smile:

But what makes me really sad, is that these bugs are actually sign of poor code review & Q&A processes in a dev team, and I really hope Curve will address that ASAP.
@Hannah , I think this is something Curve management should be paying attention too.


it appeared there as well. right after activation i made a purchase for 1405 HUF. limits were still set in GBP, and it was shown like i made a purchase for 1405 GBP. i wrote to support then they changed limits manually to HUF. maybe they can also do it with GBIT limit, maybe not. but if not, why not? :slight_smile: very strange issue

well, i’m a very patient guy but this is getting ridiculous now. no solution, no communication from curve, honestly how much time they need to fix this? unbelievable

i’ve asked on hungarian forums, all new cards with hungarian BIN have this issue

Unfortunately my old card was stolen, so i had to ask for a new card. It seems there is a generic currency problem with new hungarian cards. My daily limit should be 3750 GBP but when i spend 2575 HUF then my spent amount increases with 2575 GBP. If i want to spend more than 3750 HUF then Curve declines the transaction.


It is more than 2 weeks now that i have this problem, i wrote messages to the support from the app but it seems that there is no real support.

OS : Android 10
Device : Xiaomi MI A3
App version : 2.40.1

@Hannah hi, it’s really frustrating that i can’t use my card properly. almost a month has gone since i first reported this issue, and still no solution. when we can expect a fix? will you fix it at all? just say something please, a timeframe or whatever. i don’t think this is acceptable :frowning:

i don’t have words to express how i regret my decision to request a new card with hungarian BIN. i loved this product with my previous UK BIN card, everything worked as it should, with this country-specific card you ruined everything. i really hope you pass this feedback to all relevant teams, i can honestly say i’m very disappointed now. i wish i could get back my previus UK BIN card