Go Back In Time currency limit error after issuing new country-specific card

last week i’ve activated my new country-specific (Hungarian BIN) card and started using it. since then there’s a currency error with Go Back in Time function

GBIT limit is 5000 GBP for every transaction, but after changing to country-specific BIN limit seems to be set in 5000 “national currency”. example: random purchase is 14743 HUF, but i’m unable to use GBIT. app says “Going Back in Time is only allowed for purchases under £5000.00” 14743 HUF equals only 36 GBP…

transactions completed with my previous UK BIN card are not affected, i can go back in time with them. GBIT currency limit error seems to be starting with activation of new national BIN card

i have the feeling that all newly issued country-specific cards are affected, not only Hungarian BINs

Have you contacted the support?

of course, several times :slight_smile: no real answer yet other than “try to reinstall application”. first contact was 1 week ago

Sounds like a rather urgent issue! @Hannah one for you perhaps?

Hey guys, we’ve passed this directly on to our product team to look into. I’ll keep you posted with any updates I get back!


@Hannah thanks, this is a very serious bug (for me). just because i requested a new country-specific card (to avoid DCC issues etc.) i’ve lost one of curve’s core functionality. basically GBIT is the reason why i’m using curve, so please try to fix this quickly!

Thanks Hannah!

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no news since tuesday? still have this issue, no reaction from anybody…

Hey @tygger I’ve raised the issue with our team but it will probably take some time to investigate and resolve. I’ll let you know as soon as I have an update but I can’t confirm a timeframe for anything right now.

thanks! but sounds like i need to miss GBIT for a loooong time… i can only hope the best

It sounds like this could be related to the issue in the following thread:

yeah i’m sure these two bugs are related to each other. curve should fix this asap

hi @Hannah still no update? i think this is not a small issue, product team should be able to fix this asap. you’ve replaced your payment processor in 2 days!

i hope that helps: issue is not platform-specific, it’s in the heart of the system. unfortunately same behaviour on android

Hey @tygger I’ve chased this with our team again but I’m guessing it will take some time to investigate this.

@Hannah I’m sorry, but it looks like very serious flaw in development and Q&A process. And from FinTech company it’s expected that this kind of errors will not occur at all, or at least will be fixed lighting fast…

@yurik I agree, and get that it’s super annoying not being able to use the feature properly. I can assure you that they’re looking into it but there’s nothing more I can update you guys with until I hear more.

@Hannah yeah this investigation process seems to be a bit too long :slight_smile: it would be nice to find and implement a definite fix, but until it arrives there could be temporary solutions. for instance to raise gbit limit to 500.000 GBP (that means in my case to 500.000 HUF). to be honest that would be only a technical number, because all of your users have daily spending limits, with a maximum amount of 5000 GBP per single transaction and per day (i guess). so probably no chance to have transactions over 5000 GBP in your system at all. just an idea, maybe there could be other temporary fixes as well

@tygger Sorry, but this is a terrible idea. Fin-tech is not a place for dirty patches, and you can’t justify existence of such a dirty “solution” by having protective mechanism in some other place. This is a sure way to disaster. None of us (including you) will want to use financial product designed that way.

Curve have serious problem in the core with currency conversion (with Curve Cash card too), which is just unbelievable, by the way. This problem must be addressed properly, the correct solution should be implemented across the system, to solve the issue once and forever.

yeah, basically i completely agree, they have to find a clean solution. i don’t even say it was a serious idea but honestly i could accept any solution now… :wink: i first reported this problem to support more than 2 weeks ago…

btw solution seems to be so logical for me. ok, i’m just an outsider and don’t know anything about curve systems and how do they work. but i do know that curve was able to change the currency of my limits (tab). account’s base currency is HUF now, why curve is unable to change GBIT limit to whatever amount of HUF as well? i really don’t understand (@Hannah)