Go Back In Time currency limit error after issuing new country-specific card

GBP bin is no solution - for example some czech shop not accepting UK bins, in physical stores it is needed to be careful to reject DCC (Dynamic currency conversion), local bin is very much better, only I do not understand , why fix for go back in time take so long time…

i had absoluely no problems with my previous uk bin here in hungary. ok, you need to be careful with dcc, but uk curve is accepted everywhere, my wife still uses it without issues

@Hannah @Kandice
Any real update here, in not too long it has been a year…

And yes, I made this account just to poke you about this

there is a new update, and no, basically they don’t want to fix it. i have no more words

x here - the Manager of the Complaints Team at Curve. Thank you for your continued patience regarding the issue you’re having using the Go Back in Time feature, and I’m sorry for how long this is taking to fix. I completely understand your frustration.

First of all, I would like to assure you that, as a team, we have been pushing regularly for an update regarding the GBiT bug, in which some customers using certain currencies are unable to use the feature. On the back of your last message I personally reached out to the Head of our Product Team to request an update and they have confirmed that it’s most likely to be fixed within the next 6 months, but they were unable to provide a definitive timeframe. I appreciate that this isn’t the outcome you were hoping for and I’m sorry for any frustration this causes.

To provide some context, our various Product (and Engineering) Teams work on issues on the basis of priority, which are decided within those teams. These could range from fixing existing bugs to working on new features like the upcoming Curve Credit product and our launch in the US. Based on the examples that the product team have, the GBiT bug that you’re experiencing is affecting a small group of our customers which is why they won’t be able to prioritise it against the rest of the work they’re doing. Again, I appreciate that this isn’t the outcome that you were hoping for, but I hope I’ve been able to clarify why this is taking longer than expected to be fixed.

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affecting a small group of our customers which is why they won’t be able to prioritise it against the rest of the work they’re doing.

Back to my post many months ago. Customers outside UK/EU (limit 5000 EUR is almost the same as GBP) has very low priority for Curve. They are happy to sell products in other countries however they do not want to fully support them. At least they openly admit this so I can consider use of the product in the future.

Of course having bugs is not a nice thing, but I believe every startup shares the goal to grow fast, meaning ‘small’ details about small bugs is not a priority, you want to roll out features that attrack a big chunk of new customers and that apply to the majority of people.
So a bug that only affects a small % of customers is just not worth fixing.
We just need to accept this.
Just see it as GBiT is just not available in every market, they could also just disable the feature for all non $/€/GBP issued cards.

you’re only saying that because you’re not affected. i’d be also very happy if i could get back a uk bin card. the problem is that this bug is generated by curve itself: everybody will be affected when cards will start to expire and curve will replace them with national bins. i lost a working feature because of a new bin, this is not acceptable even from a startup


Back with a tiny update, for my use luckily 5000 NOK is a pretty large purchase, so I contacted support and got the purchases that was above 5000 NOK manually moved to another card, so at least that is a possibility for some of us until they fix this! :slight_smile:

yes, they can do it. the problem is that in case of a manual gbit mcc forwarding doesn’t work, all transactions will be shown as 8999

Hmm, that didn’t happen here, the ones they tried that did not work just got rejected and stayed on the original card in curve with original value

Considering that I pay the same price for the subscription as those who can enjoy all functionalities I feel cheated. This is not a small bug. This is a huge bug showing a huge incompetency on product, development and QA side. I understand the need to prioritise the development of new features to attract new customer base, but I cannot believe, that in a properly managed IT organisation it is not possible to allocate a few hours a week to design a fix for this issue. Either they do not really understand the root cause, or they fundamentally screwed up the platform and they would need to rewrite the whole functionality from the ground and they just do not want to admit this.

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Amazing to see, that this is still an issue until today… How complicated it could be to divide a number with another…

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here is the same issue with my card.

what currency do you use? it seems now ALL users are affected, UK BIN cards also have this issue. something happened in the background

I have UK BIN cards and I’m using HUF currency.

Indeed, seems that there was some strangeness recently with the card limits. My card suddenly stopped working one morning, with the Card Limits tab redirecting me to a FAQ browser instead of the usual card limits tab.

I had to contact support (in my case from the Live Chat option) to get it sorted out.

it seems to be confirmed, ALL CURVE USERS are affected now, whatever card BIN they have: GBIT is not allowed now over 5000 (national currency)

It seems to be over 5000 in ANY currency eg. I can GBiT 580EUR but not 5500CZK.

I can’t believe but it’s true: Curve has released the fix, Go Back in Time is available again on UK BIN cards over 5000 (national currency), and also became available on country-specific cards. I’ve tested, the fix works as it should :slight_smile: It was a long journey, I’m extremely happy it’s finally fixed


I can confirm that it works now for local currency up to the equvilant of GBP 5000. Very good!