Go Back In Time currency limit error after issuing new country-specific card

it appeared there as well. right after activation i made a purchase for 1405 HUF. limits were still set in GBP, and it was shown like i made a purchase for 1405 GBP. i wrote to support then they changed limits manually to HUF. maybe they can also do it with GBIT limit, maybe not. but if not, why not? :slight_smile: very strange issue

well, i’m a very patient guy but this is getting ridiculous now. no solution, no communication from curve, honestly how much time they need to fix this? unbelievable

i’ve asked on hungarian forums, all new cards with hungarian BIN have this issue

Unfortunately my old card was stolen, so i had to ask for a new card. It seems there is a generic currency problem with new hungarian cards. My daily limit should be 3750 GBP but when i spend 2575 HUF then my spent amount increases with 2575 GBP. If i want to spend more than 3750 HUF then Curve declines the transaction.


It is more than 2 weeks now that i have this problem, i wrote messages to the support from the app but it seems that there is no real support.

OS : Android 10
Device : Xiaomi MI A3
App version : 2.40.1

@Hannah hi, it’s really frustrating that i can’t use my card properly. almost a month has gone since i first reported this issue, and still no solution. when we can expect a fix? will you fix it at all? just say something please, a timeframe or whatever. i don’t think this is acceptable :frowning:

i don’t have words to express how i regret my decision to request a new card with hungarian BIN. i loved this product with my previous UK BIN card, everything worked as it should, with this country-specific card you ruined everything. i really hope you pass this feedback to all relevant teams, i can honestly say i’m very disappointed now. i wish i could get back my previus UK BIN card

hi @Kandice, any news on this?

Hey - I’m sorry to hear this. I have passed your feedback over to our product team and chased this up so we can get you some information! Will let you know when we get any updates!

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I have started to use Curve with high hopes, but at this point, I am paying for a useless piece of metal. GBIT does not work for my HUF spending.
The card limit page in the app does not work, so I can only assume that my 7803 HUF purchase was taken as 7803 GBP. I was so happy to make my first payment with the card successfully.
My happiness immediately turned into disappointment when my next try at the next shop was denied.
Especially that the amount is locked on my credit card.

I have that problem too but in PLN. Support can’t help me;/

I totally agree with you. Don’t understand the reason why I upgraded to metal now. my purchase limit on the app even shows as “unknown”. Thankfully the card could still work. But Curve doesn’t support 3D secure option, which means whatever online merchants you are dealing with your transaction will be declined if the merchants required to 3D secure. Your amount will be reversed in a few days. I did the purchase twice but both got rejected by H&M. It’s more than 12.000 HUF and now I can’t even use that money because it’s blocked. Sorry to say that, but I paid a lower price for Revolut and it always works!
@Hannah to ask for a higher price subscription but without a better service. The support team efficiency is mainly an issue as well as the technical problem.

At least you can see something on that page. For me and error is thrown and the page is blank. I have no idea what is happening. I cannot afford gambling with each payment whether it will be accepted or just locked for days hoping that it will be reimbursed while I have to use another card to fulfil the payment.

Hey everyone, I have checked with the team for updates on this issue and they are working on it! However, they aren’t able to provide a timeframe for when they’ll have this sorted. Sorry we can’t provide any more information at the moment, but we’ll be in touch as soon as it’s fixed!

thanks! i can only hope this issue has high priority now…


Dear Curve team,

I have changed to Curve Black recently and have the same issue … ALL my GBiT tries are rejected as the app claims that the payments above 5000 HUF are over the 5000 GBP limit !?

I’m using a paid version of CURVE and would like to get a proper support but the support team is not taking any steps and not answering on my chat messages since several days!!!

I’m a bit upset about this kind of service!

Best regards,

we’re almost in february, still no gbit for hungarian cards. this is ridiculous. if still no fix next month, i’ll lodge another complaint on the first day of march

here are same issue with CZ BIN - transaction over 5000 CZK imposible go in time (5000 czk is approx 169,9 GBR)

@Hannah @Curve_Marie @Curve_Sam @Kandice i can’t believe there’s still no fix for this frustrating issue. i’m ok if you say “we won’t fix it in the next xxx months”, but you should definitely need to communicate something concrete now

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Dear Curve team,

Due to the GBIT failures and the ignorance of the CURVE support (as the issue is not solved since several months … but only fake promises are delivered) I’m going to downgrade my Curve Black to standard. I would expect for a paid subscription some more attention!

From now on I will not suggest anybody to use any paid version of CURVE until the issue is fully solved!

Best regards,

Is there anyone who can confirm that this critical issue has been fixed? (or at least - that the fix is in the process with ETA)? Or should I understand the situation as a permanent GBiT limitation to 5,000 local currencies (in my case about 160 GBP)?

they are still working on it. we don’t know more :frowning:

Are they really working on it? Can somebody from Curve team confirm it? (@Kandice @Hannah)
It seems that all non-UK or non-EUR customers has very low priority (as this issue exist almost 6 months without solution is proof) :frowning: I am not sure how many active Curve cards are in Hungary (or another non-EUR/GBP currency countries), however, they should have full support if Curve wants to sell services there.

From my perspective bin-country specific cards brought far more problems than benefits.

BTW my Metal subscription ends in April so I will consider next payment according solution of this GBIT issue.